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Pioneering Prenatal Pediatrics

Children’s National is a leader in prenatal care for babies with complex medical conditions.

Groundbreaking research and novel diagnostic tools enable us to identify problems earlier in pregnancy. That’s when we can make the most difference.

Our neonatal program delivers the highest quality care for micro preemies and other fragile newborns. For babies with heart conditions, our lifesaving surgery is among the world’s best. At every turn, we focus on protecting a child’s developing brain.

Serena's Story

A devastating fetal cardiology evaluation left Valerie and Roy feeling hopeless and confused about their baby’s future. They sought out additional care at Children’s National Hospital’s Prenatal Cardiology Program, where specialty care and expertise reassured the family. Today, Serena is a healthy and happy toddler.

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Our Relentless Commitment to Save and Improve Young Lives

Expand Specialty Neurological Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

This multidisciplinary initiative will combine clinical excellence, nurse-navigator expertise and new research. It will enable us to better understand and treat problems in newborn brains.

Develop More Precise, Personalized Treatments for Preemies

Preterm babies are at high risk of brain injury to the cerebellum. We’re studying how to improve treatment outcomes, based on an enhanced molecular and genetic understanding of their conditions.

Advance Non-Invasive Surgical Techniques to Stop Seizures

Through our nationally recognized program in neonatal interventional radiology, we are leading the way to stop seizures in newborns. These can result following a lack of oxygen or cerebral hemorrhage.

Expand the Developing Brain Institute

We’re creating a future in which children don’t have to wait until they’re born to get high-tech help. Our Institute drives advances to address abnormal brain development with prenatal interventions that minimize long-term impacts.

Bolster the Network for Mother-Baby Wellness

This Washington, DC-wide resource supports expectant mothers’ mental health. It is a key factor in healthy development of their babies’ brains. We seek to expand screenings, build a citywide coalition that reduces health inequities and advocate for long-term policy change.

Amplify High-Quality Imaging

We are accelerating our work to develop the highest functioning MRI technology to safely study babies — in utero and as newborns. This enables us to connect babies sooner to our expert care.