Virtual Visits Frequently Asked Questions

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We have frequently asked questions about access and technical support that may assist you in getting started on your virtual visit, or to help resolve your issue.


  • How do I access the Virtual Visit website?
  • What if I can no longer wait for the specialist?
  • What if I need to cancel/change my appointment?
  • Will prescriptions be issued if needed?
  • What is the Virtual Visit?
  • Who will I be seeing for the Virtual Visit appointment?

Personal Information

  • Will my personal/health information be shared with anyone?
  • Will my personal/health information be secure?


  • What if I get disconnected during the Virtual Visit appointment?
  • What if the specialist can’t hear/see me?
  • Do I need to wait at my computer after checking in?
  • What if I am having technical issues?
  • What equipment do I need for a Virtual Visit?
  • How do I ensure I have the proper internet and video connection to conduct the Virtual Visit?