Baseline Testing

The SCORE Concussion Program of Children’s National is offering a state-of-the-art, comprehensive model of concussion care for the safety of your student-athletes. 

This program involves education for parents, coaches and athletes, together with a baseline assessment of cognitive functions and symptoms of the student-athletes. The baseline cognitive testing assesses key areas of brain function including memory, speed of information processing, and reaction time, to be used in the event of a concussion to better treat the injury. The program is similar to the concussion programs used in high school, college, and professional athletic organizations. We provide the educational seminars and computerized baseline assessments for a minimal charge.

What is involved for the child?

  • Testing involves a computerized test of memory, speed of information processing, and reaction time; and baseline symptom assessment. (ImPACT)
  • Time Required: 
    • Children under 12.5 years, 40-50 minutes; 
    • Children/adolescents 12.5 years and older, 20-30 minutes. 

What is involved for the parents and/or coaches?

  • A successful concussion safety program begins with education on early recognition of and response to a suspected concussion. Parents and coaches attend an informational session to learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and important “first aid” steps to manage a suspected injury. Fact Sheets, clipboard stickers, handy pocket cards and information about a smartphone app, the Concussion Recognition & Response (CRR) app, are provided.

How much does the Baseline Testing cost?

  • Individual baseline testing during work hours (9am-4pm):  $45 per child (Rockville, MD)
  • Groups/ team (8-12 players) testing: fee is dependent on the location of the testing: 
    • At the Rockville, MD office/ other Montgomery County locations: $25 per player
    • For testing sessions located outside of Montgomery County, MD: $30 per player 
  • Each individual baseline test includes a complimentary Concussion Recognition & Response (CRR) app. We do not make any money personally from the app proceeds are donated to concussion research. Click here for more information about the app.  
  • For each parent/ coach educational session, a $100 donation is to be made to the Children’s National SCORE Program. This fund is used to support concussion education efforts. 

Where does the Testing program take place?

  • Testing can take place at our offices in Rockville, MD or an appropriate venue (quiet room with tables and chairs) designated by the team or organization. 

What is required prior to testing?

We look forward to providing this service to your student-athletes. The SCORE Concussion Program is a nationally recognized program that is leading the way in education, training, research, and clinical service of sport-related concussions in youth. 

To schedule a pre-injury baseline test, please contact Tiffany Esinhart: