Research Studies

The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD)conducts a variety of research studies, investigating the genetic, neurocognitive, behavioral, and social factors associated with autism. We are always seeking participants, including both children on the autism spectrum as well as typically developing peers.

Studies may include:

  • Child specific oral and written feedback and referrals
  • A general ASD assessment and intervention resource guide
  • Monetary compensation for time/parking
  • Many children and families report great satisfaction at having contributed to a better understanding of ASD and executive functions
  • You become part of our network of over 1000 families who receive our newsletters and updates on events

Contact Us:

Please call our research line or email us for more information about our research studies.

Clinical services and helpful resources

  • Phone: 301-765-5432

Research Topics

One of the Center’s main targets of interest is studying dysfunction in executive function (EF), which can help to better understand repetitive, inflexible and disorganized behaviors in ASD and underlying, biologically based brain abnormalities in ASD. 

Research topics include:

  • Working memory: Remembering information and using it to complete a task.
  • Inhibition: Stopping an action or behavior that may have been appropriate earlier but is now inappropriate.
  • Implicit learning: Learning that occurs naturally. That is, the individual is not given specific instructions to memorize the material.
  • Cognitive flexibility: Shifting attention from one task to another or to view a stimulus in multiple ways.
  • Processing speed: The speed with which an individual can take in information and make an accurate response.

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