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Whether your child needs a simple blood test or more advanced laboratory procedure, we understand it can be a frightening experience for a child and difficult for parents.

Children’s Laboratory Medicine team makes sure patients and their families are as comfortable as possible, and explains everything that happens during a procedure. You can even stay to hold and comfort your child.

The division’s care team members are specially trained to draw blood from pediatric and special needs patients, and the laboratory technicians and technologists are trained to perform tests and procedures exclusively for children. This means we have the technical expertise and know-how to provide the best care for younger patients.

Laboratory Testing and Therapeutic Services

The Division of Laboratory Medicine performs vital diagnostic, therapeutic, and blood collection services for all divisions at Children’s National Health System, including Children’s regional outpatient centers, and mobile health units in the Washington, DC, area.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, our team completes more than 900,000 tests annually to assist physicians in confirming a diagnosis or in monitoring the effectiveness of a patient’s treatment. Our comprehensive laboratory services include:

  • Bedside testing 
  • Genetic and metabolic disease testing 
  • Blood and platelet collection
  • Therapeutic apheresis and stem cell collections 
  • Coagulation and thrombosis testing 
  • Endocrine assessment 
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Reference laboratory services for rare diseases 
  • Nutritional assessments 
  • Sweat test and special needs phlebotomy 
  • Therapeutic medication monitoring 
  • Transfusion medicine consultation

The Blood Donor Center

The division’s Blood Donor Center collects thousands of whole blood and apheresis platelet donations that support the more than 13,000 life-saving and life-enhancing procedures performed each year to help Children’s patients.

Additional Services

Our team works closely with all other care teams at Children’s National and with care teams across the region who count on us for their patients’ services. We can run specialized tests and help in the interpretation and diagnosis of chronic or rare diseases.

When insurance requires external commercial laboratory services, Children’s National is a Quest and LabCorp collection site. However, our physicians and nurses still review and discuss test results with you, and determine next steps in your child’s care plan.

Laboratory Medicine Team

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Blood Donor Center

Did you know that some children with certain medical conditions, such as sickle cell anemia, need one to 10 units of blood per month or that one unit of blood can be used for as many as four of five children? The Blood Donor Center collects thousands of blood donations every year and provides essential services for Children's National patients. Learn how you can donate blood today!

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