Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

Offering your child advanced, minimally invasive treatment options is the core of what we do. Our resources include sophisticated imaging and treatment technology to help us perform the most precise, effective procedures possible.

Our minimally invasive technology includes:

  • Intraoperative MRI. This is a powerful tool for removing brain tumors. It provides high-resolution images during surgery so surgeons can remove brain tumors with more precision and accuracy. Learn more about intraoperative MRI at Children’s National.
  • Minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive procedures mean more than just smaller scars. It means more precision and less risk of complications. Learn more about the technology behind our minimally invasive neurosurgery techniques, including Gamma Knife® radiosurgery.
  • Epilepsy surgery. We are at the forefront of innovation in treating epilepsy, including performing deep brain stimulation (DBS), a complex procedure. Learn more about epilepsy surgery at Children’s National.