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Brayden's Story

When Brayden had recurring arm pain, his mom was concerned. It turned out that he had a tumor the length of his upper arm. Our team of oncologists and surgeons sprung into action to create a treatment plan.

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Most pediatricians see a solid tumor (sarcoma) once or twice in their career. Children’s National is home to an entire team of dedicated pediatric sarcoma experts. That level of expertise means your child will benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan that draws from the latest options and procedures available today. 

Children’s National Solid Tumor Program: Why Choose Us?

Pediatric soft tissue sarcomas can form in many areas, including a child’s liver, kidney, muscle or bone. Although they account for less than 10 percent of all childhood tumors, sarcomas can be aggressive. This is why it’s important to receive care at a high volume center such as Children’s National. 

We pride ourselves in delivering the latest treatments and offering clinical trials that are not widely available. These include:

  • Magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (MR-HIFU): Children’s National was the first in the United States to treat osteoid osteoma, a benign but painful bone tumor that commonly occurs in children and young adults, using this experimental, noninvasive method. Learn more.
  • Experimental therapeutics: We offer patients who have not had success with other treatments access to the newest anticancer medications. Learn more about our Experimental Therapeutics Program.
  • Ablation: Using a focused beam of hot or cold energy, ablation destroys cancer tissue. This treatment is only available in the country’s top programs.
  • Innovative surgical techniques: We specialize in the limb-sparing techniques that preserve as much health tissue as possible and help your child avoid amputation. Learn more about sarcoma surgery

Pediatric Solid Tumor Research and Clinical Trials

At Children’s National, our expertise goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. Our physicians lead some of the most prestigious pediatric solid tumor research in the country. Through this work, we are improving care for children of all ages. 

Our research interests include:

  • Molecular analysis: Our pathologists lead research exploring sarcomas at a molecular level, which helps us diagnose your child and plan treatments with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Novel therapies: As one of the select institutions in the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) consortium, we offer patients access to the most innovative therapies available today.
  • Improving outcomes: We are one of only two children’s hospitals in the mid-Atlantic region participating in the Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration (SARC). This work includes helping sarcoma patients live longer with a good quality of life.

When you visit our clinic, we discuss with you the possibility of enrolling your child in one of our clinical research programs. Physicians and dedicated research nurses help you understand the risks and benefits of participating. Learn more about our cancer research and clinical trials.

Sarcoma Care at Children’s National: What to Expect

Diagnosing and treating solid tumors involves the efforts of many different specialists. Our program features a large team, including leading experts in pediatric solid tumors. 

Our program was designed with your family’s needs in mind. From initial diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care, we bring together all of the specialists your child needs in one location. This allows your child to receive effective and efficient care without having to travel to different facilities. Learn more about our sarcoma clinic

Working together, we ensure your child receives the best possible care and your family gets the support it needs:

  • Collaborative care: Our solid tumor board holds weekly meetings where we discuss complex cases and develop treatment plans to meet your child’s changing needs.
  • Sarcoma clinic: With one of few dedicated pediatric sarcoma clinics in the country, Children’s National delivers personalized care using a multi-specialty approach. Our goal is to help children get the most out of their treatment while also preventing or managing complications that could affect their growth and development. From orthopaedic oncology to physical therapy, we seamlessly deliver all the care your child needs in a single visit.
  • Family support: Our broad support system includes services for your child’s emotional and mental health. Learn more about Resources for Families.

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Children’s National offers resources for families to help answer questions and ease their experience.

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