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Joseph Scafidi, DO

Neonatal Neurologist


Dr. Scafidi is a neonatal neurologist at Children's National. He is Associate Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, and Anatomy & Regenerative Biology (with Award of Tenure) at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Education & Training

Education & Training

  • Residency Program, Neurology, 2008
    George Washington University Hospital
  • Fellowship Program, Pediatric Neurology, 2008
    Children's National Medical Center
  • Residency Program, Pediatrics, 2005
    University Hospital of UMDNJ
  • DO, 2003
    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • MS, Biology/Neurophysiology, 1999
    New York University College of Arts & Sciences
  • BS, Neural Science, 1996
    New York University College of Arts & Sciences
Patient Stories

Patient Stories: Joseph Scafidi

Baby Mila in her stoller with a Happy New Year hat.

Mila's Story

As soon as Mila was born at 35.5 gestational weeks, it was clear something was terribly wrong. Mila’s breathing didn’t sound right. Her mother waited to hear her newborn cry. Following diagnostic imaging and genetic testing, her newborn daughter's health concerns were revealed. 



Research & Publications

Research & Publications

Scafidi J., Gallo V (2008) New concepts in perinatal hypoxia ischemia encephalopathy. Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports, 8:130-138. PMID:18460281 

Scafidi J., Fagel DM, Ment LR, Vaccarino FM (2009) Modeling premature brain injury. Inter J of Dev Neurosci., 27:863-871. PMID:19482072 PMCID: PMC2783901

Mangin JM, Li P, Scafidi J., Gallo V (2012) Experience-dependent regulation of NG2 progenitors in the developing barrel cortex. Nat Neurosci 15(9):1192-1194. PMID:22885848 PMCID: PMC3437334 

Jablonska, B., Scafidi, J., Aguirre, A., Vaccarino, F.M., Brook, E., Horvath, T.L., Rowitch, D. & Gallo, V. (2012). Oligodendrocyte regeneration after neonatal hypoxia requires FoxO1-mediated p27Kip1 expression. J. Neurosci., 32(42):14775-14793. PMID:23077062 PMCID: PMC3517297 

Scafidi, J., Hammond, T.R., Scafidi, S., Ritter, J., Jablonska, B., Roncal, M., Szigeti-Buck, K., Coman, D., Huang, Y., McCarter, R.J., Hyder, F., Horvath, T.L., Gallo, V. (2014) Intranasal epidermal growth factor treatment rescues neonatal brain injury. Nature 506(7487):230-234. PMID:24390343 PMCID:  PMC4106485 

Agematsu, K., Korotcova, L., Scafidi, J., Gallo, V., Jonas, R.A., Ishibashi, N. (2014) Effects of preoperative hypoxia on white matter injury associated with cardiopulmonary bypass in a rodent hypoxic and brain slice model. Pediatr Res., 75(5):618-25. PMID:24488087 PMCID: PMC3992169 

Salmaso, N., Jablonska, B., Scafidi, J., Vaccarino, F.M., Gallo, V. (2014) Neurobiology of premature brain injury. Nat. Neurosci., 17(3):341-6. PMID:24569830 PMCID: PMC4106480          

Zonouzi, M., Scafidi, J., Li, P., McEllin, B., Edwards, J., Dupree, J.L., Harvey, L., Sun, D., Hubner, C.A., Cull-Candy, S.G., Farrant, M., Gallo, V. (2015) GABAergic regulation of cerebellar NG2 cell development is altered in perinatal white matter injury. Nat. Neurosci., 18(5):674-82. PMID:25821912 PMCID: PMC4459267  

Yadavilli, S., Scafidi, J., Becher, O.J., Sartsis, A.M., Hiner, R.L., Kambhampati, M., Mariarita, S., MacDonald, T.J., Codispoti, K.E., Magge, S.N., Jaiswal, J.K., Packer, R.J., Nazarian, J. (2015) The emerging role of NG2 in pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Oncotarget 6(14):12141-55. PMID:25987129 PMCID: PMC4494928

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