Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy plays an integral role in the national shift toward integrative healthcare. Based in a mind-body approach, yoga therapy incorporates the teachings of yoga with each child’s individual needs and goals to promote relaxation and stress relief, build empowerment, increase self-regulation, increase physical strength and balance, and achieve insight.

It is based on the belief that incorporating the physical body in a therapeutic modality inherently provides our children with constant opportunities to connect to their body and make choices for it, both of which are hard to do when faced with hospitalization. Making these choices and connections can promote self-awareness and the development of an identity outside of their physical illness or disability.

What We Do

Working as part of a collaborative and multidisciplinary team, our yoga therapist provides both bedside and group sessions to children and their families. Depending on each individual child’s needs, abilities, and goals, every yoga therapy session includes some combination of physical postures, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, and verbal discussion, each playing a unique role in the therapeutic process.


As yoga therapy is becoming a more essential and validated modality in today’s health care systems, Children’s National Health System is working to incorporate it into multiple research projects to help verify the importance of providing this patient-centered service to our patients.

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