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May 6, 2011

Meet Molly Reyna
Executive Director, Telehealth Services, Videoconferencing

Molly Reyna has been with Children’s National Medical Center for just over seven years. She is the Executive Director of Telehealth and Videoconferencing Services. She and her team support the idea of “care at a distance” by videoconferencing pediatric cases, broadcasting, and recording clinical education trainings and medical conferences to healthcare professionals throughout the region, nation, and the world.

Video technology allows Children’s National to broaden its reach by sharing ideas and learning about the latest techniques and technology with physicians and medical experts around the world with videoconferencing capabilities.

“I enjoy working at Children’s National because it allows me to be creative,” said Molly. “We help advocate for children’s health through regional, national, and international partnerships. No two days are exactly the same for me.”

One of Molly’s best experiences during her career at Children’s National was working to establish a Telehealth program in Morocco. She says, “Working with visionaries every day is amazing.”

Molly and her team set up education and Telemedicine support for the National Institute of Health Administration in Rabat, Morocco, as well as Rabat Children’s Hospital and Marrakech Faculty of Medicine. Molly and her team’s expertise and dedication to strategic planning allows them to harness today’s best technologies and practices to provide a variety of services including project management, coordination, technical design, and support.

Molly also impacts patient care by eliminating the distance between patients to physicians, through video technologies, that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Quality pediatric care can be brought closer to patients regardless of where they live.

Children’s National has been using telemedicine for more than 10 years, providing more than 8,000 consultations, referrals, and second opinions in the area of cardiology, neurology, radiology, neonatology, surgery, and genetics.

She says, “I hope that I’ve increased Children’s reach through telemedicine. I’ve worked to integrate video technologies across clinical, administrative and educational areas, and bring an outstanding team of individuals to Children’s in support of that.”

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