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Who We Serve

The District of Columbia is 63 square miles situated between Maryland and Virginia. Children’s School Services provides nursing services in 121 DC public and 42 public charter schools. The population of the District of Columbia is approximately 591,833 residents of which approximately 18.9% are children.

According to school year 2010-2011 enrollment data, 45, 631 students are enrolled in the District of Columbia Public Schools, in the following grade configurations:

  • 66 Elementary schools with an enrollment of approximately 25,266 students
  • 13 Middle schools with an enrollment of approximately 7,505 students
  • 17 Senior high schools with an enrollment of approximately 12,512 students
  • 5 Special Education schools with an enrollment of approximately 1,696

According to the most recent data, the District of Columbia Public Schools enrollment by race is:

  • African-American: 79%
  • Hispanic / Latino: 12%
  • White: 7%
  • Asian-American: 2.1%

Children’s School Services also serves 42 Public Charter Schools in the city representing approximately 29,366 students for school year 2010-2011.

The District of Columbia Public School System has a high percentage of students with disabilities. There is now more than ever a need for highly skilled, specialized school nurses. There are thousands of medically fragile students throughout the DC School System. Many of these students are mainstreamed and a majority of their conditions require more than the nurse can provide.

As of May 2011, there are 5,525 Medically Fragile students:

  • These students fall into three categories, medically fragile, special healthcare needs, or special education students
  • 1,680 of the Medically Fragile students require some type of nursing intervention throughout the school day.