Service Options

As part of our BERD funded efforts, all requestors can be provided with up to four hours of free support. Additional free support can be provided on a case-by-case basis especially for proposal development or for K-awardees.

DBSM offers the following additional payment options:

  • Percent effort (primarily for funded efforts)
  • Hourly invoicing (usually done monthly)
  • Line item (used for budgeting of Data Management services, and Statistical Consulting services)
  • Department dedicated support (for staff dedicated to a department/division)

DBSM Pricing Structure

The following rules are compensation guidelines for DBSM Faculty and Staff:

Annual Effort (for any given year)

Payment Method

>=10%Percent Effort or Hourly Rate
>=5% but < 10% At least one year with 10% effort  Percent Effort or Hourly Rate
>=5% but < 10% each year Hourly Rate*

* Percent effort may be considered with prior approval by the Division Chief of BSM


Hourly Rate

Data Manager $80
Data Analyst/Staff Biostatistician $85
Faculty Biostatistician $135
IT Systems Analyst $105

DBSM Pro Bono Effort

  • All requestors are permitted 4 hours of free consulting/analysis time. This includes meeting time and work time.
  • If the work will result in a paper and DBSM faculty or staff are an author, additional free hours may be provided.
  • If the work is to support a grant or other mechanism and DBSM staff or faculty will be funded if awarded, additional free hours may be provided.
  • All NIH scholars are permitted up to 24 hours of free time per year.

  • All CTSI-CN voucher participants are permitted up to 24 hours of free time.

  • Extenuating circumstances for free time requests should be presented to the Division Chief who would then present to Dr. Lisa Guay-Woodford for approval.