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2017 ISFB Abstracts

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2017 Abstracts


Frequency of Hyperbilirubinemia at 72 Hours of Life in Term Healty Newborns With a High-Intermediate 
Risk Serum Bilirubin Level at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi.
T. Jamal
Breastmilk Feeds Improve Brain Microstructural Development in Very Premature Infants

*Winning Abstract
Katherine M. Ottolini 
Nickie Andescavage, MD
Kushal Kapse
Catherine Limperopoulos
Very Early MRI During Therapeutic Hypothermia to Measure Severity of Brain Injury in Neonates with 
Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy
Ashley M, Lucke, MD
Anil S. Shetty, PhD
Joseph Hagan, ScD
Allison Walton, BSN, MSN, CCRN
Magdalena Sanz Cortes, MD, PhD
Jeffrey R. Kaiser, MD MA
Preserved Speed of Processing and Memory Function in Infants with a History of Moderate 
Neonatal Encephalopathy Treated with Therapeutic Hypothermia
Elizabeth Zorn, MD 
Lei Zhang, MS 
Kristin Sandness 
Tracy Riggins, PhD 
Michael Georgieff, MD 
Katie Pfister, MD
Is Apnea of Prematurity Present at the Time of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Discharge  
Associated with Developmental Delay at 3 Years of Age?
Matthew Rainaldi 
Jordan S. Kase 
Cerebral Venous Volume Changes and Pressure Autoregulation in Sick Infants
Vedavalli Govindan
R.B. Govindan
Tareq Al-Shargabi
Marina Metzler
Caitlin Cristante
Christoper Swisher
Daniel Reich
An Massaro, MD 
Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB, MD
Continuous Monitoring of EEG Delta Power in Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
Srinivas Kota
An N. Massaro
Taeun Chang, MD
Tareq Al-Shargabi
Caitlin Cristante 
Gilbert Vezina
Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB, MD
R.B. Govindan
Amniotic Fluid Transcriptomic Changes in Fetuses with Myelomeningocele 
Tomo Tarui
Aimee Kim 
Alan Flake 
Lauren McClain 
John D Stratigis 
Inbar Fried 
Rebecca Newman 
Donna Slonim 
Diana W. Bianchi
Characterization of Features of PHACE Syndrome on Fetal MRI and Natural History of Postnatal Management
Ana G. Cristancho, MD, PhD
Arastoo Vossough, MD PhD
James R. Treat, MD
Daniel J Licht, MD
Jenna L. Streicher, MD
A Maternally Inherited Novel Variant in USP9X Causing Multiple Congenital Anomalies in a Female Fetus
S. Yang
D. Copenheaver
K. Monaghan
Kyla Patek
M. Menzel
P. Tanpaiboon
Rodent Model of Fetal EEG Development Reveals a Thalamic Locus for the Developmental Acquisition of 
Continuous, State-Dependent Cortical Activity
Yasunobu Murata
Matthew T Colonnese
Fetal Neurology Consultation: Practical Aspects and Outcomes
L Lehwald, MD, 
M Ream, MD/PhD
Fetal and Postnatal Brain Imaging for the Detection of ZIKV Encephalopathy in the Fetus/Newborn
Sarah B. Mulkey, MD, PhD
Gilbert Vezina, MD
Yamil Fourzali, MD 
Dorothy I. Bulas, MD
Margarita Arroyave-Wessel, MPH
Caitlin Cristante, BD
Christopher Swisher, BS
Youssef Kousa, DO, PhD
Carlos Cure, MD
Roberta L DeBiasi, MD, MS
Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB, MD
Feasibility of Non Invasive Fetal Electrocardiographic Interval Measurements Using Blind Source 
Separation Reference in an Outpatient Clinical Setting
Ashish Doshi, MD, PhD 
Mary T. Donofrio, MD
Ahsan Khandoker, PhD
Kevin Cleary, PhD
Hisashi Tomita, PhD
Sayaka Oshio, MD
Yoshitaka Kimura, MD 
Anita Krishnan, MD
Fetal Ventriculomegaly: Predicting the Need for Post-Natal Cerebrospinal Fluid Diversion Using Image 
Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques
Jared M. Pisapia, M.D.
Hamed Akbari, M.D., Ph.D.
Martin Rozycki, M.S.
Hannah Goldstein, M.D.
Spyridon Bakas, Ph.D.
Julie S. Moldenhauer, M.D.
Phillip B. Storm, M.D.
Deborah M. Zarnow, M.D.
Richard C. E. Anderson, M.D.
Gregory G. Heuer M.D., Ph.D.
Christos Davatzikos, Ph.D
Valnoctamide Inhibits Cytomegalovirus Infection in the Developing Brain and Attenuates Virally 
Induced Brain Defects and Neurological Dysfunctions.
Sara Ornaghi
Lawrence S. Hsieh
Angélique Bordey
Patrizia Vergani
Michael J. Paidas
Anthony N. van den Pol
Fetal and Maternal Response to Oxygen in Normal Pregnancies
Laura Sanapo, MD
R.B. Govindan PhD 
David N Schidlow, MD
Mary T. Donofrio, MD
Caitlin Cristante
Yunfei Wang, DrPHc
Homa Ahmadzia, MD, MPH 
Dorthy I. Bulas, MD
Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB, MD
In Vivo Placenta Microstructure in the Growth-Restricted Fetus Using Magnetic Resonance Based Shape and Textural Analysis
Nicki Andescavage
Jacobs M
Iqbal S
Dorthy Bulas 
Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB, MD
Catherine Limperopoulos
Placental Allopregnanolone Loss Alters Fetal Brain Development in a Novel Mouse Model
Julia O'Reilly
Maternal Stress Alters Hippocampal Development in Fetuses with Congenital Heart Disease
Yao Wu
Mary T. Donofrio, MD
Kushal Kapse 
Gilbert Vezina
Catherine Limperopoulos
Non-Invasive Placental Perfusion Imaging in Pregnancies Complicated by Fetal Heart Disease Using 
Arterial Spin Labeled MRI
Zungho Zun
Greg Zaharchuk
Nickie Andescavage
Samantha Bauer
Mary T. Donofrio, MD 
Catherine Limperopoulos
Peripartum Cerebral Ischemic Injuries Associated with Excessive Uterine Activity
Stewart B. Ater, MD
Jill V. Hunter, MBBS, FRCR
Michelle L. Murray, PhD, RNC-OB
R.B. Govindan, PhD