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2016 ISFB Presentations

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2016 Agenda Topics


The Global Impact of the Intrauterine Experience on Neuropsychological Health

Eduard Gratacós, MD, PhD

Emerging Insights into the Neurogenetics of Fetal Cerebral Development

William Dobyns, MD

The Developing Fetal Neocortex – A 50-Year Journal of Discovery

Pasko Rakic, MD, PhD

The Neuroarcheology Concept: Deviations of Developmental Sequences by Intrauterine Insults Underlie Brain Disorders

Yehezkel Ben-Ari, PhD

Experimental Models of Fetal Oxygen and Nutrient Deprivation: Implications for Brain Development

Bryan Richardson, MD

Placental Failure and Fetal Growth Restriction: A Model of Progressive Circulatory Failure with Significant Risk for the Developing Fetal Brain

Ahmet Baschat, MD

Fetal Brain Oxygenation and Perfusion in Congenital Heart Disease: Impact On Neurodevelopment

Mary Donofrio, MD

Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy: Mechanistic Pathways to Oxygen-Nutrient Deprivation in the Developing Fetal Brain

Eduard Gratacós, MD, PhD

Harnessing the Power of Quantitative MRI to Advance Understanding of Fetal Brain Development

Catherine Limperopoulos, PhD, MSc

Developing Human Connectome Project

David Edwards, MB, DSc, FMedSci

Development of the Autonomic Nervous System in an Adverse Environment:  Potential Consequences During Transition and Beyond

Adré J. du Plessis, MBChB, MPH

The Genetics of Hindbrain and Cerebellar Development

William Dobyns, MD

Neuroplacentology: How Placental Function Shapes the Fetal Brain

Anna Penn, MD, PhD

Maternal Emotional Well-Being and Its Impact on Fetal Brain Development 

Michael Meaney, CM, CQ, FRSC, PhD

Fetal Zika Virus Encephalopathy: An Accelerated Learning Curve (1)

Nahida Chakhtoura, MD

Fetal Zika Virus Encephalopathy: An Accelerated Learning Curve (2)

Roberta DeBiasi, MD

Fetal Zika Virus Encephalopathy: An Accelerated Learning Curve (3)

William Dobyns, MD