Marijuana Legalization: What Parents Need to Know

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As of February 26, 2015, Washington, DC, visitors and residents 21 years and older are allowed to possess marijuana.

Children’s National supports the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recent statement regarding the impact of marijuana policies on youth, including the use of medical marijuana beyond the processes approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Further research is needed to better understand the long-term effects of marijuana use in children and teens.

In This Section:

Marijuana Laws

Learn about Initiative 71 and what it means for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana.

AAP Recommendations

Children’s National supports the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation to oppose the legalization of marijuana for recreational or medicinal use.

Dangers of Marijuana

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the short-term and long-term effects of marijuana are dangerous and it’s important that laws are in place to prevent youth from buying marijuana.

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