Bike Safety Tips

Monday, May 5, 2014

Many children find that riding their bikes is an enjoyable pastime. But, there are a few safety issues to consider before your child makes a mad dash to the garage to get his/her bike.

Here are a few safety tips to think about to keep your child safe.

  • Wear a properly fitted helmet: Wearing a helmet is a necessity, not an accessory. Make it a rule that your child must wear a properly fitted helmet, particularly one that meets standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or another recognized safety body.

    “Bike helmets are key to preventing brain injuries in children who experience a fall or collision on their bike,” says Leticia Manning Ryan, MD, MPH, an emergency medicine and trauma physician at Children’s National.

    To maximize protection, ensure the helmet fits properly. A helmet should sit on top of the head in a level position, and should not rock forward, backward or side to side. The helmet straps must always be buckled but not too tightly.
  • Inspect your bike: Before your child hops on his/her bike make sure it is in good operating condition. Make sure the reflectors are secure, brakes work properly, gears shift smoothly, and tires are tightly secured and properly inflated.
  • Be seen: Children should not ride a bicycle when it’s dark, in the fog, or in other low-visibility conditions. However, if you are supervising your child while he/she is riding during these conditions, use a light on the bike, and make sure the bike has reflectors. In addition, your child should wear clothes and accessories that have reflective materials to improve biker visibility to motorists.
  • Follow road rules: Help your child to understand the rules of the road when riding his/her bike. It’s important that your child know to ride on the right side of the road, with traffic, not against it; respect traffic signals, stopping at all stop signs and stop lights, and looking left, right, and left again before entering a street or crossing an intersection.


Bike Safety Checklists:


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