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Innovation, Ingenuity and Expertise in Pediatric Healthcare

As a part of one of the nation’s U.S. News & World Report top 10 children’s hospitals and a top NIH-funded pediatric institution, the public relations team at Children’s National Health System can help media professionals connect with subject matter experts.

Media Contacts

Amy Goodwin
Executive Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Emily Hartman
Manager, Media Relations
Diedtra Henderson
Sr. Specialist, Media Relations/Science Writer
Lauren Lytle
Sr. Specialist, Media Relations
Hani Ukali
Sr. Specialist, Media Relations
Leah Parker
Specialist, Media Relations

Contact us when you need to quickly reach experts in pediatrics and healthcare. 

A few topics in which we excel:

  • Traumatic brain injury research, care, and concussion management
  • Clinical genetics –featuring the largest program in the U.S. and internationally-recognized rare disease research
  • Research in blood disorder and cancer treatments including T-cell therapy, bone marrow transplants, and precision medicine
  • Neurological issues including minimally invasive neurosurgery, deep brain stimulation,
  • Mental illnesses
  • Cardiac surgery and congenital heart disease
  • Minimally invasive and pain free surgery
  • Telemedicine

Email us 24/7 at or call 202-476-4500 to get connected to the right expert.

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