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Neurology: Neurodevelopmental Concerns

Children with neurodevelopmental concerns need specialized testing, diagnosis and treatment, as well as comprehensive care coordination to achieve the best outcomes. As a leading children’s hospital, Children’s National has the vision, experience and expertise needed to seamlessly provide these services. Our specialists treat many types of conditions, ranging from learning delays to movement disorders to degenerative brain disease.

Child Development Program

Department: Developmental Psychology
Location: Main Hospital, 3rd Floor, Suite 3800
Ages served: 0-4

  • Services offered: Comprehensive developmental evaluations and diagnostic assessments in infant and toddlers

  • Insurance accepted: AmeriHealth, HSCSN, Amerigroup, Trusted, FFS, VA InTotal, Anthem Health Keepers, MD Medicaid and MD Amerigroup; all private insurance except Cigna and Blue Choice

  • Wait time: 2-3 months, but can be fast tracked as needed

  • Information for referral: Reason for referral, insurance and patient information. A phone intake will be conducted with the family before scheduling.

  • How to refer and schedule: Please refer to the Child Development Program at 202-476-5405 (direct line, answered by Michelle Gill). She will plan for phone intake and then schedule an appointment.

  • Additional information: Child Development is under the heading of Developmental Psychology, which is separate from Developmental Pediatrics.

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics

Locations: Main hospital, Annapolis Outpatient Center, Laurel Outpatient Center, Montgomery County Outpatient Center
Ages served: 0-21

  • Services offered:

    • Evaluation for global developmental delay (children under 6 years of age) - medical evaluation, developmental assessment

    • ADHD evaluation and treatment

    • Academic underachievement evaluation – NOT Neuropsychological Testing

    • Disruptive behavior disorders evaluation

    • Intellectual disability evaluation

    • Autism evaluation (screens for autism but DOES NOT DO THE ADOS except in Neurology first floor with Dr. Khurana)

    • Evaluation for speech language delay
      NOTE: For all these evaluations we generally do screening tests - we DO NOT DO IQ TESTING, our screening tools vary and they are helpful for cognitive problems, mental problems, autism

  • Insurance accepted: AmeriHealth, HSCSN, Amerigroup, Trusted and FFS. All insurance options under the CNHS umbrella are also accepted.

  • Wait time: 3-6 months

  • Information for referral: Reason for referral, copies of previous testing from school or privately, ADHD rating scales, early Intervention reports

  • How to refer and schedule: Families can contact the Sheikh Zayed clinic in the main hospital or any of the regional outpatient centers to schedule an appointment. Sheikh Zayed: 202-476-3508; Rockville Outpatient Center: 301-765-5400; Annapolis Outpatient Center: 410-266-6582; Laurel Outpatient Center: 240-568-7000. 

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD)

Location: Shady Grove
Ages served: 1-26

  • Services offered: Neuropsychological, developmental and diagnostic evaluation; standalone and team-based evaluations including speech-language pathologists and psychiatry along with psychology; individual and group treatment, case management/social work; psychiatry; research.

  • Insurance accepted: AmeriHealth, HSCSN, Kaiser, GEHA, NCAS, Aetna, PHCS, NCPPO, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, MDIPA, Blue Cross Blue Shield and TRICARE. Virginia: Anthem HealthKeepers Plus and Intotal Health. Maryland: Value Options.

  • Wait time:

    • 9-12 months for developmental/neuropsych evaluation

    • 4 months for 0-3 diagnostic evaluation

    • Currently, no new clients accepted for psychiatry, but are working on hiring two additional psychiatrists

    • Individual and group treatment - recruitment occurs at various times during the academic year 

    • Case management - approximately 4 weeks

  • Information for referral: Complete the intake entirely and ask the family to provide recent prior records if applicable (medical, educational, speech therapy, school IEP), as well as insurance information

  • How to refer and schedule: Complete Intake (online or paper) and send to our department via email or fax with relevant and recent records (as noted above). Call 301-765-5432 to schedule. 

DC Autism Evaluation Clinic

Location: Main hospital, 1st floor Neuroscience
Ages served: 3-14

  • Services offered: Autism evaluation and consultation with Speech, OT and Neuropsychology

  • Insurance accepted: AmeriHealth, HSCSN, Amerigroup, Trusted and FFS

  • Wait time: 2-3 months

  • Information for referral: To refer the following criteria must be met: 

    • No previous diagnosis of Autism (this excludes an educational diagnosis) 

    • Referral by any provider internal or external (no self-referrals) 

    • Patient must have DC Medicaid

  • How to refer and schedule: Intake can be completed by contacting Latashia Jones at 202-476-3508 or Natalie Morse at 202-476-5764. Providers can also e-mail referral to Natalie Morse.

  • Additional information: This is only for the DC Autism Evaluation clinic. Patients needing to be seen for an autism evaluation that do not meet the criteria can be seen in our general neurodevelopmental pediatrics clinics.

Autism Behavioral Communication Support

Location: Main hospital, 3 main medical specialty
Ages served: 3-21

  • Services offered: The ABC team provides in-patient and out-patient consultations to assess and recommend accommodations for patients with autism and related special needs, whose behavior and communication barriers to medical and dental care pose high risk for injury to self or others or would otherwise have poor health outcomes.

  • Insurance accepted: All patients seen regardless of ability to pay.

  • Wait time: 1 week

  • Information for referral: Reason for referral, insurance, referring provider

  • How to refer and schedule: If in-patient, the provider will need to submit an official order through Cerner and handoff to Dr. Atmore by either an email to or page x51416. If outpatient, provider and/or families can call 202-476-2884, to set up an appointment with program assistant, Chayna. If unsure whether referral is appropriate, please email the team.

  • Additional information: We have resources available to all Children's National staff on the Intranet. For all referring providers outside of Children's National, we have resources available on the Children's National website here.