EMSC Targeted Issue Grants

Click here to access Targeted Issue DatabaseThrough the competitive Targeted Issue (TI) grant mechanism, the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program funds schools of medicines to find new approaches to providing the best possible emergency care for children across the nation. Typically, the projects result in a new product or resource or demonstrate the effectiveness of a model system component or service of value.

In fiscal years 2013, six new TI grants were awarded. All six grants focus solely on pediatric prehospital research, representing one of the largest investments, $5.4 million over three years, in pediatric prehospital research. These newly-funded projects will either demonstrate the ability of EMS systems to conduct pediatric research or seek to improve the quality of care by increasing the base of pediatric prehospital research. The Health Resources and Services Administration's EMSC Targeted Issue Grants, 2013 briefly describes each of the 2013 TI projects.

A Targeted Issue Grants Database is now available. Prospective TI grantees are encouraged to review all previous TI projects and, when possible, build upon prior grantees' work to increase the depth and breadth of pediatric emergency care.