Questions to ask when you are referred to a Pediatric Cardiologist for heart issues

  • Why is this treatment or procedure being recommended, and what exactly will happen?
  • Can you send me for a second opinion?
  • My child has a heart murmur. Does my child need to see a pediatric cardiologist?
  • What type of imaging or technology does your facility have to provide the best diagnosis for my child’s condition?
  • What are the potential risks?
  • What potential benefits have been seen, or might be deemed possible?
  • What about my child’s quality of life? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
  • If this is a trial procedure, why would you choose this one over another one?
  • What is your medical background? How long have you been doing procedures or treatments like this? Where did you train?
  • If my child needs surgery, are your anesthesiologists fellowship trained in pediatrics?
  • Can I be involved in the care process for my child?
  • Will there be support available during our care, such as child life specialists, social workers, translators, a concierge team, etc.?
  • Does the hospital have a parent/family advisory council that integrates the parent’s perspective in how care is delivered?
  • Do you have various locations where I can be seen for my child’s pre-surgical evaluation, surgery, and post-surgery follow-up care?
  • Do you have a pre-surgical tour that can help ease my child’s fears regarding the process?

Download a pdf of these questions