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Family Circle

Children’s encourages all parents and guardians of teens in the TLC program to join the Family Circle. This is a group of supportive family members that reinforce the S.T.A.R.dom curriculum. The Family Circle includes four workshops; two workshops in the fall and two in the spring. It also includes weekly phone calls and monthly newsletters.

Healthy Teen Network
HTN is a member organization that supports professionals in the field of adolescent health.
This web site is good for:

  • Fast fact sheets
  • Professional development (through conferences)
  • Membership benefits (conference discounts, DVDs, binders)

Advocates for Youth
AFY addresses youth policy and programming by focusing on the rights, respect and
responsibility of all youth.
This web site is good for:

  • Lesson plan activities
  • Evidence-based literature
  • Clips (PSAs)
  • Stories written by youth
  • Fact sheets on special populations (young girls, LGBTQ, etc.)
  • Parent Circle (curriculum content)
  • Health education materials (for workshops)

National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unintended Pregnancy
The campaign works to improve health outcomes for children and their families.
The web site is good for:

  • State and local data trends
  • Speaker's bureau
  • Literature reviews (Putting What Works to Work)
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Parent Circle data, ideas and information
  • Media clips (Tyra Banks show on teen pregnancy)

National Center for Cultural Competency
The center is located at Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development
and provides technical assistance to agencies.
This web site is good for:

  • An organizational self-assessment
  • Consultant pool
  • Resource database

Center for Disease Control & Prevention
The CDC is the first stop for health information. Their mission is to promote health through disease, injury, and disability prevention and control.
This web site is good for:

  • Keeping our materials updated
  • Information on a wide variety of health and safety topics
  • Data on specific populations
  • Current research
  • Resources, including publications, data/statistic sheets, and brochures

National Youth Advocacy Coalition
NYAC is a national advocacy organization for LGBTQ youth that addresses race, gender,
class, mental and emotional health.
This web site is good for:

  • Information on their annual conference
  • Materials (ex:CROSSROADS magazine)
  • Health and sexuality education resources
  • Trainings for providers
  • Information on programs
  • Materials for youth (Some materials are specific to youth of color, disabled and deaf
    youth, and transgender health)
  • Comprehensive literature review of LGBT youth of color
  • HIV counseling and testing training (ex: You Know Different, which targets youth of color)

Guttmacher Institute
Guttmacher focuses on sexual and reproductive health research, policy analysis and
public education.
This web site is good for:

  • Information on best practices
  • Fact sheets, reports, and slide shows
  • Specific policy and research articles
  • Media kits, 'in briefs', and statistics
  • Tablemaker feature to create tables by selecting they categories, measures, and geographic locations
  • Electronic newsletters

Urban Institute
The Urban Institute is an economic and social policy institute.
This web site is good for:

  • Healthcare research for underserved/priority populations
  • Statistics for grant proposals
  • Publications specific to sexual attitudes and behavior
  • Current research and recommendations
  • Resource for literature reviews
  • Electronic newsletters

Health Policy Institute at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
The Health Policy Institute conducts research on various health issues including the reproductive health of African American teens, HIV/AIDS prevention, health status of African Americans, and the cost of teen pregnancy.
This web site is good for:

  • Reports on peer and family influences on sexual behavior for African American teens
  • Fact sheets on reproductive health of African American teens, including:
    • Pregnancy and Children
    • Sexually related Diseases
    • Sexual Activity
    • Contraceptive Use
    • Reproductive Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Expectations, and Intentions

Youth Resource
Youth Resource provides information for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth to make well informed decisions about their health.
This web site is good for:

  • Current issues that face LGBTQ youth
  • Database to search for existing programs (peer education programs, campus groups,
    gay straight alliances, youth groups, HIV support groups, HIV vaccine trials)
  • List of web site resources for LGBTQ youth
  • List of advocacy campaigns
  • Links to other LGBTQ web sites for youth
  • Youth friendly information
  • Peer educator forum

Kaiser Family Foundation
The Kaiser Family Foundation is a leader in health policy and communications on
relevant public health issues.
This web site is good for:

  • HIV/AIDS fact sheets (U.S. and specific population segments)
  • Daily AIDS reports give current data
  • Information on the Global Media AIDS Initiative
  • Data regarding best practices of prevention programs

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S.
SIECUS strengthens the capacity of health educators, health professionals, policymakers,
and the media to help at-risk youth.
This web site is good for:

  • Fact sheets on adolescent sexuality, LGBTQ issues, STDs, etc.
  • Self-guided training modules (ex: Culturally Competent HIV Prevention
    and Sexuality Education)
  • Tools for parents to communicate with their teens
  • Resources for the Parent Circle
  • The community action kit (
    on best practices to implement health programs
  • Handbook for health educators