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The READY Clinic (Re-engaging Adolescents and Youth in Comprehensive Mental Health Services) provides intensive weekly therapy, medication management, family treatment and case management support.

Our specialists help children and teens with a range of concerns, including moderately to severely impairing anxiety or mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.

Services offered by the READY Clinic include:

  • Individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), parent meetings/family therapy, parent and child support groups
  • Psychiatric services, routine consultation and medication management with Children’s National psychiatry team
  • Collaboration between the divisions of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine and Psychology and Behavioral Health, so that therapy can inform medication management and vice versa
  • School consultation services that include classroom observations, attending 504 and IEP meetings, as well as collaboration with school personnel

It is staffed by child and adolescent psychiatrist Bhavin Dave, M.D., and clinical psychologist Michele Dadson, Ph.D., and a team of psychology externs (doctoral students enrolled in local programs).

Most patient referrals are made by Children’s National psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians and neuropsychologists, although the clinic does accept referrals from outside providers. 

READY Clinic Team

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