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The Kidney Transplantation Program is the only one of its kind in the Washington, DC, area focused on the needs of children and teens with kidney disease. Additionally, it is the region's only Medicare-approved center for kidney transplants in children and teens.

On average, we continue to perform 12 to 16 kidney transplants every year.

Patient and Family-Focused Care

The program ensures seamless care before and after your child's procedure. We coordinate withour colleagues in the Division of Nephrology to offer comprehensive care for donor and recipientevaluation, as well as long-term management of kidney transplants.

In collaboration with Georgetown University Hospital, Children's National offers a dedicatedrenal transplant pediatric surgeon and post-transplant pediatrician. Our multidisciplinary teamguides you through every stage of care and provides extensive education about the transplantationprocess and related testing.

You meet with the program's medical and surgical directors, the transplant and financialcoordinators, renal social worker, and renal nutritionist, who can answer all questions related tothe procedure and follow-up care.

The Pre-Transplantation Clinic evaluates potential kidney transplant recipients at the hospital, anddonors can be involved in the process at the same time as the patient (recipient).

Once testing is complete, the child or teen can be listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing(UNOS) list and are eligible to receive organ calls.

Kidney Transplantation Team

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