Discharge Information

Please do not leave the hospital without your discharge instructions. Remember that discharge planning is a team process. You are a team member, so express your questions or concerns. Ask questions so you know what to expect when your child leaves the hospital.

The healthcare team will explain follow-up treatments needed after the hospital stay, and, if appropriate, provide instructions for medications and ongoing care that you or someone in your family will need to provide for your child. A case manager will help you arrange for additional special services.

Before you leave the hospital:

  1. Give your doctor, nurse, or case manager all the phone numbers that can be used to reach you.
  2. Give us your pharmacy’s name and phone number, in case we need to call in prescriptions.
  3. Understand what prescriptions your child needs and make sure they are filled and ready for pick-up from your local pharmacy before discharge.
  4. Tell your nurse if you may have a problem getting your child home.  
  5. Ask your friends and family to help you with your child who is coming home from the hospital and to help you with their siblings or other members of the family, while you are busy helping your child adjust.
  6. Be at the hospital and ready to take your child home on the day of discharge.
  7. Be flexible, as discharge plans can change depending on your child’s condition and needs.

Changes to Children's Metro Shuttle Services

Children’s National has closed the UTC, South Dakota and Massachusetts Ave. parking garages, and ended shuttle service for these locations. Our Brookland/CUA Metro shuttles have now increased and will run every 6 minutes to and from the hospital for patients, families and employees.

Shuttle schedule