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**To better serve you and your family, starting April 28th 2017, the new office for Children’s National Cardiology services will be in The Patient Connection at 105 Pine Bluff Road, Unit 4, in Salisbury. Our new, larger clinic space is in a convenient location with easy parking to improve your experience.**

Children’s National manages care of patients in the special care nursery at PRMC in Salisbury, MD, a level IIA/B (Maryland State Criteria) neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with 10 beds. This program focuses on care of the neonate in a smaller regional program, while bringing expanded neonatal and pediatric care to the community through telemedicine connections with Children’s subspecialists.

The neonatology program complements the pediatric hospitalists program at PRMC through collaborative programs such as neonatal follow-up and consultations for newborns in the emergency room.

The neonatal team at PRMC consists of full-time neonatologists and physician extenders combined with clinic coverage. A developmental follow-up clinic follows graduates of the NICU.

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    Conditions & Treatments

    Conditions & Treatments

    Functional Imaging

    Exercise testing is useful diagnostic and treatment tool for the assessment of the heart function in children.


    An arrhythmia (also called dysrhythmia) is an abnormal rhythm of the heart.


    Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness and muscle tone caused by inadequate blood supply to the brain. Syncope is sometimes also called fainting.

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