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Other Creative and Therapeutic Arts Services

Creative and Therapeutic Arts at Children's National Health System

Young Expressions Newsletter 

The Young Expressions Newsletter is a patient newsletter highlighting the many artistic expressions of young children and adolescents. Produced quarterly, Young Expressions is available at nurse’s station or by calling 202-476-2846.

Integrative Care


Reiki, (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle form of therapy that uses a series of hand positions, applied gently on or just above areas of the body, to sense areas of imbalance and help stimulate the body’s self-correcting mechanisms. It has been used successfully in some hospitals and has been found to be very calming and reassuring for those suffering from severe or fatal conditions. Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. A quiet, deeply relaxed state is encouraged for restorative healing.

Reiki treatment is effective for addressing the following issues or conditions:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Improving overall well-being
  • Minimizing discomfort from acute or chronic pain conditions
  • Reducing recovery time from injuries or surgery
  • Setting healthier habits
  • Promoting emotional healing

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, which means "yogic sleep" and begins by lying or sitting in a comfortable position, is meant to bring relaxation and inner reflection to those who practice this deep meditation. Most commonly, Yoga nidra is practiced in the shavasana yoga pose (lying on one’s back) and if it feels comfortable, eyes may be closed, and the mind remains open. This ancient practice is based on breathing exercises (known as pranayama) that allow for the release of three kinds of tensions: muscular, mental, and emotional. Yoga nidra can be self-guided or led by a teacher or facilitator. Practicing this relaxation technique can enhance memory and learning, awaken creativity, release repressed tensions, and increase willpower.

Guided Imagery and Spoken Word Art

Guided imagery is a self-help technique to reduce mental and physical stress. Patients may write art words (poems) to help create mental images that help one to relax and cope with hospitalization. Recorded ambient music can also be used in creating guided imagery. Reading and following suggestions of guided imagery can melt away tension in the first five minutes of the experience.

If you are interested in receiving one of the integrative care services for either patients or caregivers, please contact our office at 202-476-3465 to make an appointment. Services are currently available Monday – Friday from 10:00am – 4:00pm.