Community Benefit

Community Benefit is a program or activity that provides treatment or promotes health and healing as a response to identified community needs and meets at least one of these community benefit objectives:

  • Improves access to healthcare services
  • Enhances health of the community
  • Advances medical or health knowledge
  • Relieves or reduces the burden of government or other community efforts 

To be considered as a community benefit, programs must meet fit specific criteria including showing measurable (process or impact) outcomes and a financial outlay. Information is collected and analyzed by our staff based upon an established accountability and eligibility system.

Telling Our Story

fy2016 cb reportChildren’s National provides an annual Community Benefit Report. We are pleased to present the community benefit report for fiscal year 2016. Our vision has been the motivation behind a number of forward-focused initiatives highlighted within the report that aim to meet the changing needs of families, not only through clinical services, but training, outreach, and education.

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As part of our Community Benefit work, every 3 years we conduct a community health needs assessment which is used to identify the primary needs of Washington, DC.

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