Center for Neuroscience Research

Sometimes children may have behavioral disorders linked to neurological conditions. To treat or prevent neurological and behavioral disorders in children, our Center for Neuroscience Research focuses on understanding the cellular development of the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord.

Researchers conduct basic and clinical research into some of childhood’s most well-known disorders, including autism, brain injury and recovery, Down syndrome, brain tumors, spina bifida and white matter diseases.

The Center for Neuroscience Research is home to many research programs that combine basic science, clinical and/or community programs, community research, behavioral medicine, developmental neuroscience and the developmental disabilities research center. There is also an advanced pediatric brain imaging research laboratory, and areas for cellular imaging, neurobehavioral and psychological evaluation and neuroimaging.

Several programs at the center provide services and support to every faculty member conducting research. Parents are included as a key part of the care team, valued for their input and feedback and encouraged to participate. We treat the whole child, paying attention to both his/her physical and emotional needs.

Investigators recruit volunteers for research studies on specific disorders, ranging from anxiety to epilepsy to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

To find a research study, search the national database, then submit an e-mail to begin the process of determining if your child qualifies for a research study. A researcher from Children's Research Institute will respond to your query within two business days.

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