Hospital Grand Rounds

Children's National Hospital Grand Rounds

Hospital Grand Rounds are held every Wednesday from 8 am to 9 am in the Auditorium on the second floor of the main building at Children's National's Sheikh Zayed Campus in Washington, DC. Lectures are held from September to June each year. There are no lectures during the summer.

Hospital Grand Rounds are open to physicians, nurses, physician assistants, social workers and other allied health professionals in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. 

Children's National's Office of Continuing Medical Education sponsors a variety of conferences and Hospital Grand Rounds.

Upcoming Sessions

Upcoming Sessions

Hospital Grand Rounds run September 22015 to June 28, 2016. Please note, there will be no Grand Rounds the following dates: November 11, December 23, and December 30.  


  • September 2 - Katrina, a Decade Later: Pediatric Disaster Readiness 

Steven Krug, MD - Professor of Pediatrics, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; Head, Division of Emergency Medicine, Ann and Roberth H. Lurie Children's Hospital 

  • September 9  - Clark Professorship - Innovations in Drug Development: How Children's National is Taking a Leadership Role in Faster, Better, and Cheaper Drugs

Eric Hoffman, PhD - Director, Research Center for Genetic Medicine, Children’s National; Professor and Chairman, Department of Integrative Systems Biology, George Washington University; Co-Founder, ReveraGen Biopharma 

  • September 16 - Bernstein Professorship - Community Health 

Mark Weissman, MD - Vice President, Goldberg Center for Community Pediatric Health, Division Chief, General Pediatrics and Community Health, Children’s National 

  • September 23 - Social Media at Children’s National

Rebecca F. Cady, Esquire - Executive Director of Risk Management; Deputy Risk Counsel, Children’s National 

  • September 30 - The Long Road to Health Equity in America 

Louis W. Sullivan, MD - U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, 1989-1993; President Emeritus, Morehouse School of Medicine

Additional topics this fall include:

  • Spinal Fusion
  • Breastfeeding in the NICU
  • The Evaluation of the Febrile Infant
  • Palliative Care
  • And much more! 
Past Sessions

Past Sessions



  • June 3 - Rixse Lecture - Resilience and Protective Factors in the Lives of Adolescents: Science and Strategies - Michael D. Resnick, Ph.D., FSAHM - University of Minnesota
  • June 10 - Research Updates from the Sheik Zayed Surgical Innovations Team - Panel of Speakers representing : Velano Vascular, REBIScan, Stethaid, Otomagnetics, Vittamed, mGene, CareALine, and Primo-Lacto
  • June 24 - WATCH Lecture: Diversity and Mentorship - Hannah Valantine, M.D.Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity National Institutes of Health (NIH)


  • May 27 - Michael Lecture, Andrew Serazin, PhD
  • May 20 - Education Lecture - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Opportunities & Challenges - Paramjit T. Joshi, MD, Children's National Health System
  • May 13 - Plastic Surgery Lecture - Evolution of Spring Assisted Surgery and Its Implementation of Craniosynostosis - Lisa R. David, MD, FACs - Wake Forest University
  • May 6 - Einhorn Lecture - Pediatric AIDS: Bending the Arc Towards Elimination - Stephen Arpadi, MD, MSc - Columbia University Medical Center


  • April 29 - BOV Simulation, Mary Waller, PhD, York University in Toronto
  • April 22 (12 pm) -Leikin Lecture - Revisiting Assent in Pediatric Research and Clinical Care - Doug Diekema, MD, MPH, Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics
  • April 22 - Greenburg Lecture, Education Day - Making It Count: Turning Your Education Work into Scholarship- Ruth-Marie (Rhee) Fincher, MD, Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University
  • April 15 - Garbose Lecture, Cardiac Innovations - Pediatric Innovation and Medical Intelligence - Anthony C. Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, Children's Hospital of Orange County
  • April 8 - Schisgall Lecture, David J. Hackam, MD, PhD, FACS Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • April 1 - Cockerham Lecture, Doctor’s Day March 30th, “Children’s National Health System 2015,” Denice Cora-Bramble, MD, MBA


  • March 25 - Van Metre Professorship - Innovations in Pediatric Pacemakers and Defibrillators - Charles Berul, MD, Chief, Division of Cardiology, Children's National Health System
  • March 18 - Family Centered Rounds - Leveraging Educational Innovations in our Evolving Healthcare Environment, Mary Ottolini, MD, MPH, Vice Chair of Education, Children's National Health System; Mark Weissman, MD, Division Chief, General and Community Pediatrics at Children's National; pediatric hospitalist Neha Shah, MD, critical care specialist Lillian Su, MD, and Kurt Newman, MD, CEO of Children's National Health System
  • March 11 - Story Landis, PhD, Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of Health
  • March 4 - Safety, Rahul Shah, MD, Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Center for Surgical Care 


  • February 25 - Sickle Cell Research, Susan Perrine-Faller, MD, Howard University School of Medicine
  • February 18 - Randolph Lecture (Pediatric Surgery), Mark Hoffman, MD 
  • February 11 - Adolescent Transitioning, Patience White, MD
  • February 4 - Personal Glimpses into the Evolution of Truncus Arteriosus Repair, Gus Mavroudis, MD


  • January 28 - Children's National Telemedicine Update, Craig Sable, MD
  • January 21 - Sydney Snyder Safety Lecture, Gerald Hickson, MD
  • January 14 - "Detection, Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Pediatric Primary Care,” Silber Lecture, Angela Guarda, MD
Archived Lectures

Archived Lectures



  • Dec. 17 - Annual Update and Conversation with CEO Kurt Newman, Kurt Newman, MD
  • Dec. 10 - "Intensive Caring: Blending Science, Service and Value," Gregory Mark Taubin Memorial Lecture, Robin Steinhorn, MD, University of California Davis Medical Center
  • Dec. 3 - World AIDS Day (Dec. 1), Donna Futterman, MD, Director, Adolescent AIDS Program, Children's Hospital at Montefiore


  • Nov. 19 - Serious Safety Case Review (#1), Rahul Shah, MD, Vice President, Chief Quality and Safety Officer at Children’s National and Associate Surgeon-in-Chief, Joseph E. Robert Jr., Center for Surgical Care, President of the Medical Staff, and Medical Director of Peri-operative Services; Charlie Berul, MD, Chief of Cardiology at Children’s National and Co-Director of the Children’s National Heart Institute; and Lillian Su, MD, a pediatric critical care intensivist at Children's National
  • Nov. 12 - Foglia-Hills Professorship, Nobuyuki Ishibashi, MD, Director, Cardiac Surgery Research Laboratory at Children's Research Institute
  • Nov. 5 - Palliative Care Speaker, Sarah Freibert, MD, Director, Haslinger Family Pediatric Palliative Care Center at Akron Children's Hospital 


  • Oct. 29 - 8 am - 9 am, Auditorium, Hospital Grand Rounds, "Sickle Cell Anemia: Past, Present, and Future," Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director, NIDDK
  • Oct. 22 - "Communicating Diagnostic Reasoning During Case Presentations: A Prescription for Decreasing Errors?", Mary Ottolini, MD, MPH, Cristina Tuluca, MD, and Nicole Akar-Ghibril, MD
  • Oct. 17 - Enterovirus Preparedness, Infectious Disease team
  • Oct. 15 - Ebola Preparedness, Infectious Disease team
  • Oct. 8 - "Fostering Academic Success at Children’s National," Stephen Teach, MD
  • Oct. 1 - Lewander Lecture: "Growing Up Fast: The Promises and Pitfalls of Suddenly Paying for Health Care Value Instead of Volume," Dr. Darshak Sanghavi, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation


  • Sept. 24 - March of Dimes:  Boldness and Advocacy in Action, Edward R. B. McCabe, MD, PhD | Video 
  • Sept. 17 - Holbrook Lecture:  "Pediatric health care in the era of 'Reform'.  What are our options?" James Mandell, MD | Video
  • Sept. 10 - Youth and Sports Safety, David Satcher, MD, PhD | Video


  • June 25 - Michael Lecture: From Venture Capital to Venture Commons | Video
  • June 18 - Research Update:  Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovations | Video
  • June 11 - Lyme Disease | Video
  • June 4 - Life Course and Child Health Disparities | Video 


  • May 28 - Rixse Lecture - PID in Adolescents: Using Research to Reduce Health Disparities | Video
  • May 21 - WATCH Lecture - Advancing diversity in academic medicine: The role of mentors, sponsors and coaches | Video
  • May 14 - Garbose Lecture - Are ECG Screening Programs for Athletes a Good Idea? | Video
  • May 8 - Pediatric Surgical Innovations Grand Rounds - Creating a State-of-the-Art MIS Facility for Neonates and Infants: Developing the Right Techniques, Finding the Right Tools, and Using it to Help Train the World | Video
  • May 7 - Pediatric Urgent Care - Expanding the Boundaries of the Emergency Department | Video


  • April 30 - Silber Lecture - The Changing Face of Eating Disorders in 2014: What Pediatricians Need to Know | Video
  • April 23 - Leonard Rome Visiting Professorship - America’s New Children: The Health and Well-being of Children in Immigrant Families | Video
  • April 9 - Research Week Keynote - Genetics | Video
  • April 8 - Greenberg Lecture | Video
  • April 2 - Cockerham Lecture | Video


  • March 26 - Einhorn Lecture
  • March 24 - Airway Pressure Release Ventilation 
  • March 19 - Safety Session
  • March 12 - Cell Therapies for Infection, Inflammation, and Cancer - Broadening Accountability 
  • March 7 - Angeline Parks Ophthalmology Grand Rounds  | Video 
  • March 5  - Snyder Safety Lecture - Failure to Rescue: A New Quality Metric in Pediatric Heart Surgery | Video 


  • February 26 - Schisgall Lecture | Video
  • February 19 - Doctor Coach: Optimizing Performance in Medical Education
  • February 12 - Making Lemonade: A Model for a Virtual Learning Community for Practice Improvement and MOC Credit (The Children’s National Health Network Experience)
  • February 5 - Toll Lecture - Understanding the Reasons for Racial/Ethnic Differences in Survival Among Children with Acute Leukemia | Video


  • January 29 - Leiken Lecture - Pediatric Ethics - Lessons from SUPPORT: Ethical Implications of Research on Medical Practices | Video
  • January 22  - LEAN - Continuous Improvement: Where we are and where we're going | Video
  • January 15  - Bridging Stem Cell Technology with Tissue Vasculatization in Regenerative Medicine | Video 
  • January 8 - Gilbert Professorship - Neurofibromatosis | Video 


  • December 18 - Improving Early Detection of the Deteriorating Patient Through the Last Rescue Collaborative | Watch the video
  • December 11 - Randolph Lecture | Watch the video 
  • December 4 - Taubin Lecture - Fumbles and Interceptions: Critical Thinking and Teamwork in the ICU
  • November 27 - Evaluating Effectiveness of HIV Care in Light of the Affordable Care Act
  • November 20 - 5 Ways to Improve Small-Group Teaching | Download the PDF | Watch the video
  • November 13 - Health Information Technology in Pediatric Care Delivery, Research, and Population Health | Watch the video 
  • November 6 - The Placenta | Watch the video
  • October 30 - Abu Dhabi's Strategic Vision in GME Including Recent Achievements and Future Initiatives
  • October 23 - We Stand for Children
  • October 16 - Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • October 9 - Pediatric Heart Transplantation: A Review and an Update | Download the PDF | Watch the video
  • October 2 - Embedding Pediatric Simulation into the Institutional Fabric: "Next Generation" Paradigms of Healthcare Education, Preparedness, Research, and Safety | Watch the video
  • September 25: Treating Chronic Pain in Patients is Difficult, How Can You Manage These Patients Within Your Specialty or Practice? | Download the PDF
  • September 18 - Introduction to Milestones: Building a Better Doctor | Download the PDF | Watch the video
  • September 11 - Complexity and Critical Care | Download the PDF
  • April 24 - Einhorn Lecture | Watch the video


  • October 17 - How FDA Regulates MRI Systems | Download the PDF
  • October 10 - Can CME save lives? Aligning and Education for Quality | Download the PDF
  • October 3 - Brainy Camps: Expanding Medical Care Beyond the Walls of Children's National | Download the PDF
  • September 26 - Blast Injuries: Terrorism Implications for Children during Peacetime/Wartime/Global Conflicts | Download the PDF
  • September 18 - Feet on the Ground - Eye on the Prize. Update of Health Information Technology Programs and Healthcare Reform
  • September 12  Children's National - Believe. Dream. Transform. Changing the Future of Pediatric Medicine

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