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Pain Medicine

Understanding Pediatric Pain

Pain is one of the most challenging issues in pediatric care and is commonly misdiagnosed, marginalized, and undertreated. We cannot underestimate the impact of pain for children and their families.

Around 25 to 46 percent of children and teens have ongoing pain. Because of this, we developed the pediatric Pain Medicine Care Complex.

The complex is one of only a few in the country dedicated to managing pain for children and treating it as a disease, not a symptom. Our specialists from clinical divisions of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Psychologyare collaborating to develop effective solutions to treat pain in infants, children, and adolescents.

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The Future of Pain Medicine

For the first time, using technologies and methodologies developed by investigators in the Institute, physicians are able to monitor chronic pain in children.

The Future of Pain Medicine

The Pain Medicine Care Complex uses multisensory therapy based on the concept of neuroplasticity—re-educating how the brain perceives pain. One-of-a-kind video gaming therapy, holistic therapeutic tools, and digital data collection enable short and long-term assessments of patient progress related to pain.

Our approach demonstrates how an integrated team improves patient care and outcomes. The data drives clinical care, and clinical care drives future research. With pioneering evidence-based solutions, we can transform pediatric pain care around the world.

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Care Through Collaboration

Our Pain Medicine Care Complex ensures patients have access to all of the necessary specialists and services, including psychologists, physical therapists, alternative therapies, and traditional and advanced medical treatments.

Care Through Collaboration

Centralizing all of the related resources makes it easier for families and reduces the stress of navigating the healthcare system.

The program is a resource for primary care doctors and pediatricians, as pain medicine touches every specialty in pediatrics. In all populations, idiopathic and ongoing pain is as frustrating for doctors as it is for the patients they are trying to help, and doctors receive limited training in pain management and may expect that pain specialists will oversee treatment. We encourage physicians to seek our consultation early in the onset of pain that is disproportionate to disease, or the healing, process. Our specialists provide consultations for physicians to identify treatment options early possibilities and definitively. Our specialists provide consultations for physicians to identify treatment possibilities for their patients with pain.


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