Research Externships in Neuropsychology and Treatment

This position will provide focused experience in conducting research on the neuropsychological profiles and/or treatment of children with high-functioning autism. Research activities can include training in ADI/ADOS, advanced statistical analyses, manuscript preparation, conference presentations, experience in programming experiments in E-Prime, and potentially analyzing neuroimaging data (functional MRI, functional connectivity MRI, and diffusion tensor imaging). Externs will receive approximately two hours of individual/group supervision per week to support planning assessments, analyzing data and providing oral and written feedback. Specialized didactics in autism in the form of weekly multidisciplinary team meetings, monthly didactic and case presentations are offered. Additional didactic experiences such as neuropsychology seminars are available. For more information about the research externship in autism, please contact John Strang, MD, at 301-765-5447 or

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