Autism Evaluation, Consultation and Treatment Clinical Externship

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Clinical Psychology students are invited to apply for an externship at the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD). The position offers supervised training in evaluation, consultation, and treatment of toddlers, children and adolescents with autism and related disorders. Children who come to our clinic present with problems including behavioral difficulties, and social and communication deficits consistent with autism spectrum disorders. The children may also have medical conditions, underlying neurological disorders, and/or other genetic disorders. Externs will have the following opportunities:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for young children (under 5). The extern may gain experience with the following assessment instruments: Leiter International Performance Scale-Revised, Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence Scales-III, Differential Ability Scales-II, Mullen Scales of Early Learning, Bayley-III, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-II, NEPSY-II, among others.
  • Neuropsychological evaluation. CASD’s neuropsychology program offers comprehensive neuropsychological and diagnostic evaluations for children, adolescents, and young adults on the autism spectrum, or suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder. The extern may gain experience with a broad range of neuropsychological assessment tools as well as standard autism diagnostic measures, report writing, and providing feedback and consultation with families.
  • Outpatient psychotherapy with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and their families. The extern’s typical caseload is 3-4 weekly patients. Common referral issues include OCD symptoms, executive functioning problems, behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, and family difficulties. Treatment often uses CBT, PCIT, exposure therapy, executive function training, psychoeducation empowerment, and parent training techniques.
  • Group psychotherapy. Co-facilitate social skills, executive functioning, or transition to adult life groups for higher functioning children with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Consultation regarding new diagnoses of autism spectrum disorders. Rapid consultation, education, and counseling with families of children newly diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. This includes developing a comprehensive treatment plan, psychoeducation and family support.
  • Weekly multidisciplinary team evaluations, case conferences and didactic seminars. This will include experiences with our clinical psychologists, child psychiatrists, speech and language pathologists, and neuropsychologists.
  • Autism Diagnostics. Exposure to, and possible training in, autism diagnostic assessments including the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2.
  • Research. Although the majority of the externship focuses on clinical activities, there are also many opportunities to participate in research.
  • Supervision. Weekly individual supervision with Dr. Anthony, Dr. Kenworthy, Dr. Strang, Dr. Bollich, and/or Dr. Inge is provided. There are also group supervision sessions (e.g., intervention, assessment groups and case conferences).

Applicants who are primarily interested in conducting neuropsychological assessments with this population may apply through this externship, or may also apply for the externship in Pediatric Neuropsychology (Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders placement) also described in this brochure.

Qualifications: A strong interest in autism spectrum disorders is required. Formal coursework in child development and assessment is expected. Assessment and therapy experience with children is preferred. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team are also presumed.

Time Requirement: Sixteen hours per week. This externship is a 12-month commitment from July-June.

Number of Positions Being Offered: Four to six externs will be recruited for these positions.

Location: Shady Grove Regional Outpatient Center in Rockville, Maryland.

To Apply: Send a letter of interest, current CV with a list of relevant coursework, academic transcript (does not have to be official), and two letters of recommendation to:

Laura Anthony, PhD
Assistant Professor
Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders
15245 Shady Grove Road, Suite 350
Rockville, MD, 20850
Office: 301-765-5430
Fax: 301-765-5497

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