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Clinical Transformation Initiative
Web Based Training Modules

CTI web based training logo
Children’s National Medical Center is currently in the process of aligning clinical processes, organizational behavior, and emerging technologies through our Clinical Transformation Initiative (CTI). CTI is an exciting process that is transforming how Children’s delivers health care. This transition to complete electronic medical records (EMR) will enable us to enhance our world-class care and quality outcomes through the use of best practices in quality, safety, and work flow. A small percentage of hospitals across the country are fully electronic, so the implementation of the EMR is an exciting time for Children’s as we lead the way in implementing new technologies that are designed to ensure that quality care in the safest environment is provided to each patient.

Training is required on Children’s clinical systems to obtain system access. The web-based training will require 2-4 hours to complete.

You will need a user id and password to access these training modules. If you have not been given the user id and password to access this training, please contact a representative below based on your role:

  • Doctors (Physicians, Dentist, Psychologist, Researchers): contact the Medical Staff Office between 8am and 5 pm Monday through Friday at 301-572-1327.
  • Medical Students: contact the Medical Student Education Coordinator by email at or phone at 202 -476-5692
  • Nurses (Staff RN, Travelers, nursing students, nursing instructors): Contract/Agency Nurses - contact Sarah Higginbotham at 202- 476- 3232. Nursing Faculty contact Tene Davis at 202- 476-5560.
When you complete the training, you will need to successfully pass a competency test (CHEX), for your system security access to be granted. A link to access the competency test is included below.

To launch the training, identify the module(s) applicable to your role and click on the corresponding Login button.
System requirements and WBT troubleshooting tips.

TRACKS (PowerChart) for Inpatient Providers
Recommended Audience: Inpatient physicians, residents, fellows, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, and medical students

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS  for Inpatient Providers Assessment

This module covers the following functions in the Cerner PowerChart system:

  • Creating and using patient lists
  • Accessing, signing and managing documents in the Inbox
  • Entering and managing patient orders
  • Completing clinical documentation using PowerNotes and PowerForms
  • Accessing and trending patient information such as medications, results, electronic medical records, and more

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Recommended Audience: Anesthesia Residents & Fellows

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS (Cerner) Competency for Anesthesiologist

This training module will orient you to the Team Record and Clinical Knowledge System (TRACKS), CNMC’s clinical information system. In this module, you will learn how to:
  • Log on and off Bear Tracks (PowerChart) and OR (Surginet)
  • Navigate patients chart to view pertinent information through Bear TRACKS and OR system
  • View Tracking board and set anesthesia event § Enter weight and allergy information
  • Order entry (PCA, Epidural and Ketamine orders)
  • Document Pain consult note, Procedure note and Event notes
  • Locate notes used by Anesthesiology department GL-->

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eCW WBT for Providers and Residents
Recommended Audience: Primary care Goldberg Center physicians, residents, fellows, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants.

CHEX Assessment Name: eCW Assessment for Providers/Residents

This module covers the following functions in the eCW system:

  • Accessing eCW via remote desktop
  • Viewing and composing inbox Messages
  • Creating telephone encounters
  • Understanding patient dashboard
  • Navigating through Office Visit Screen including patient status
  • Documenting in a progress notes including billing information
  • Creating defaults
  • Correcting Chart Errors with a blank note
  • Printing and locking notes
  • Accessing letters
  • Understanding use of patient hub

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Recommended Audience: Providers, Front Office, and System Administrators

CHEX Assessment Name: Electronic Health Exchange for CIQN Community Practices

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TRACKS (PowerChart) Overview for Outpatient Staff and View Only
Recommended Audience: Outpatient physicians, outpatient nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, outpatient nursing staff, and other staff who need to be able to view patient records.

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS (PowerChart) View Only Assessment

This module covers the following functions in the Cerner PowerChart system:
  • Accessing and navigating in PowerChart.
  • Navigating the Patient’s chart.
  • Accessing patient information: results, MAR, Vitals, allergies, electronic medical records, transcriptions and other patient information.
  • Viewing, editing and signing transcriptions

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TRACKS (PowerChart) for Nursing
Recommended Audience: Inpatient RNs, LPNs, dietary staff, nursing students.

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS (PowerChart) Nursing Assessment

Module Overview:
  • Logging on and navigating PowerChart
  • Creating and customizing patient lists
  • Utilizing the PAL (Patient Access List) to efficiently manage your patients and tasks
  • Navigating the PowerChart organizer to access patient charts to view flow sheets, results, demographics, documents, historical records and other information
    Viewing and updating the MAR (Medication Administration Record)
  • Viewing and adding patient allergies, height and med calc weight and other Ad Hoc forms
  • Entering, modifying and viewing orders.
  • Completing the admission process
  • Completing ongoing assessment documentation in I-View including Intake and Output
  • Completing the patient discharge and transfer processes
  • Understanding what to do during a computer downtime

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TRACKS EMTC (Firstnet) for Providers
Recommended Audience: ED Providers (ED Attendings, Residents, Fellows, PA’s, NP’s)

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS EMTC (Firstnet) for EMTC Providers Assessment
This module covers the following functions in the Cerner FirstNet system:
  • Check in and out as an available ED provider.
  • Assign patients to an available provider.
  • Understand and utilize the tracking board efficiently.
  • Review results and manage events
  • Enter Orders
  • PowerNote ED Documentation
  • Complete the Depart Process
  • Medication Reconciliation

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TRACKS EMTC (Firstnet) for EMTC Nurses
Recommended Audience: Nurses rotating in the Emergency department

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS EMTC (Firstnet) for EMTC Nurses
This module covers the following functions in the Cerner FirstNet system:
  • Check in at the start of the shift
  • Check out at the end of the shift
  • Assign patients to themselves
  • Utilize the tracking board
  • Perform Quick Registrations
  • Triage process
  • Review results
  • Documenting in PowerForms & I-View
  • Enter Orders
  • Manage events
  • Complete the depart Process

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TRACKS OR (Surginet) for OR Providers and RNs
Recommended Audience: Surgeons and surgical trainees (residents, fellows, extenders).

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS OR (Surginet) for OR Providers Assessment

This module covers the following functions in the Cerner SurgiNet system:
  • Viewing information on the OR tracking board
  • Setting events on the tracking board
  • Verifying and signing procedures
  • Viewing IntraOp documentation.

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Abacus TPN
Recommended Audience: This training module is for Residents, Fellows, Attending Physicians, Nutritionists, Pharmacy staff and others who order or process total parenteral nutrition orders.

This module covers the following functions in the Abacus TPN System:
• Access Patient list and add new patient to the list
• Enter and modify TPN orders
• Understand the different alerts in the system
• Access and print reports

CHEX Assessment Name: Abacus TPN assessment.

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Children's employees CHEX log on:
Name: cnmc followed by your employee id number (ie cnmc12345)
Password: your last name in capital letters

If you are a temporary, contract or rotating staff member and don't have an ID number- Name: cnmc followed by the last five digits of your Social Security number and then a "c" (ie: cnmc12345c).

1. From the CHEX main menu, select Tests from the Cataloged Items.
2. Locate the appropriate test and click the Start Test button next to it.

*Note - The name of the required test is listed above in the module overview.

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