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Meet Our Team

James M Chamberlain, MD
Division Chief

Stephen J Teach, MD, MPH
Associate Division Chief

Kathleen M Brown, MD
Medical Director

Eiman Abdulrahman, MD

Alyssa M Abo, MD

Dewesh Agrawal, MD

Shireen Atabaki, MD, MPH

Oluwakemi B Badaki, MD

Jennifer A Baez, NP, CPNP-PC

Deena Berkowitz, MD, MPH

Douglas A Boenning, MD

Kristen A Breslin, MD

Rebecca Carson, NP, CPNP-PC

Jennifer I Chapman, MD

Joanna S Cohen, MD

Rajesh K Daftary, MD

Katie A Donnelly, MD

Daniel B Fagbuyi, MD

Erin M Fletcher, PA, PA-C

Robert J Freishtat, MD, MPH

Dafina M Good, MD

Monika K Goyal, MD

Jeffrey D Greenberg, MD

Wendy A Jackson, MD

Nazreen Jamal, MD

Christina M Johns, MD

Mary N Kinler, NP, FNP

Julia A LaJoie, MD

Leah M LeBar, NP, CPNP-PC

Mark J Lester, MD

Kaitlin E L'Italien, MD

P Jamil Madati, MD

David J Mathison, MD

Sephora N Morrison, MD

Paul C Mullan, MD

Karen J OConnell, MD

Shilpa Patel, MD

Asha S Payne, MD

Justin A Pepper, MD

Michael J Quinn, MD

Jamal A Rana, MD

Eric Rosenthal, MD, MPH

Alexandra C Rucker, MD

Mohsen Saidinejad, MD, MPH

Molly E Savitz, NP, FNP

Rasha D Sawaya, MD

Cindy L Shannon, NP, CPNP-AC

Dipak P Sheth, MD

Theresa A Walls, MD, MPH

Emily L Willner, MD

Michelle A Wines, NP, CPNP-PC

Jason M Woods, MD

Joseph L Wright, MD, MPH

Amy F Yeager, MD

Pavan Zaveri, MD

Sarah A Zgainer, NP, CPNP-PC

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