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Respiratory Care Services
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Contact Information

Department phone: 202-476-5105
Fax: 202-476-4810

Venkat Shankar, MD
Division Chief of Respiratory Care
202-476-4929 (O)

Scott Pettinichi, MEd, RRT, NPS, AE-C
Director, Administration and Professional Development
202-476-4787 (O)
202-259-8146 (P)

• Thomas Scheller, MS-FIN, MBA

Clinical Manager
202-476-2607 (O)
• Aaron Roebuck, BS, RRT
Clinical Manager
202-476-2101 (O)
202-476-1516 (A)

Michelle (Shelly) Schild, RRT
Clinical Supervisor
202-476-2101 (O)
202-476-1516 (A)

Sarah Bass, BSN, RRT
Clinical Supervisor
202-476-2101 (O)
202-476-1516 (A)

Cherise Wilson, RRT
Clinical Supervisor
202-476-2101 (O)
202-476-1516 (A)

Paul Flagge, BS, RRT
Clinical Coordinator (Children's National at United Medical Center)
202 279-7382 (A)
202 617-4876 (M)

Honey Pezzimenti, MEd, RRT, NPS
Education Coordinator
202-476-4164 (O)
202-476-7982 (A))

Adriane Jolly, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC, CPN

Asthma Educator
202-476-4164 (O)
202-259-0598 (P)

Ricardo Morrow
Coding Specialist
202-476-3529 (O)

TyAnna Spintman, CRT
Coding/Billing Specialist
202-476-7961 (O)

Valerie Evans
Sr. Staff Assistant
202-476-5105 (O)
202-476-4810 (F)

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