Center for Neuroscience Research

Neuroscience Research

Understanding the brain to cure neurodevelopmental disorders.

Vision Statement

To understand the development of the central nervous system and the cellular, molecular, synaptic, and network mechanisms of brain dysfunction to prevent or treat neurological, developmental, and behavioral disorders of childhood.


The Center for Neuroscience Research comprises an expanding group of highly productive lab-based developmental neuroscientists and clinical investigators who have established strong research programs and collaborations in the area of neurodevelopmental disorders. While these investigators have distinct expertise and research programs, their research as a whole is focused on childhood neurological disorders, from early stages of when the nervous system is first established, to postnatal stages that include the formation of neuronal connections and the wrapping of neuronal processes by the myelin insulator. The unique and exciting setting of the center has supported and promoted a large number of research projects that span basic, translational and clinical research in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Center for Neuroscience researchers Katie Sokolowski, Joshua Corbin, et al. describe a recently published Neuron cover article about their ground-breaking results linking genetic embryonic patterning to the specification of hypothalamic circuitry and manifestation of stress-induced behaviors.