Center for Cancer Immunology Research

Children's Research Institute's Center for Cancer and Immunology Research investigates childhood cancers, infectious diseases, rheumatology, hematology, and immune system disorders. To develop the foundation for the best and most compassionate care of children with these disorders, we focus on expanding our understanding of diseases, and the discovery and development of new treatments, whether in a process of care or a new drug.

Researchers conduct basic and clinical research into some of childhood's most well-known cancer and immunological disorders, including brain tumors, childhood blood disorders, infectious diseases, sickle cell disease, and HIV/AIDS. We use advanced methods that could combine a range of expertise, such as cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology and experimental therapeutics. In our clinical studies, parents are included as a key part of care teams, valued for their input and feedback and encouraged to participate. In addition, our programs provide services and support for every faculty member conducting research at Children's National.

Investigators at the Center for Cancer and Immunology Research recruit volunteers for research studies on specific disorders, including blood and marrow transplantation, blood and neurological disorders, sickle cell disease, hemophilia and oncological disease, forms of leukemia, brain tumors, and other conditions.

To find a research study, go to, then submit an email to begin the process of determining if your child qualifies for a research study. A researcher will respond to your query within two business days.

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