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What Inspires Us

Children’s National Nursing Mission
We provide nursing care that promotes wellness and leads to improved healthcare outcomes for children of the world and their families through the provision of preventive, evidence-based, innovative care.  We advance these endeavors, through care, advocacy, evidence based practice, research and education in partnership with patients, families, interdisciplinary colleagues and the community.

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Children’s National Nursing Vision
Children’s is the leading National and International Pediatric hospital of choice, providing innovative solutions to challenges in pediatric care, patient safety and nursing research within a fiscally responsible environment.

Through systematic and holistic nursing care, children, families and the community are empowered to participate in creating a meaningful life from birth to adulthood in an environment of collaborative Patient-Family Centered Care.

Children’s is considered the destination for those who desire evidence based pediatric nursing practice in an environment of Shared Nursing Leadership and collaboration across the continuum of care.

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Children’s National Nursing Values
Nursing at Children’s demonstrates our values by:
  • Providing systematic and holistic Patient-Family Centered Care.
  • Facilitating partnerships with patients, families, communities and other disciplines through communication and collaboration.
  • Educating patients, families and communities on health promotion and maintenance and on ways to achieve health reconstitution.
  • Providing service and advocacy to promote evidence-based care and high quality outcomes for patients, families and communities.
  • Promoting mastery in leadership through nursing practice, research and professional development.
  • Engaging nurses throughout the organization in shared leadership and decision-making.
  • Caring with commitment for ourselves and others - patients, families and the community with compassion and respect.

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Children’s National Philosophy of Nursing

Commitment to the patient and family
We Believe:

  • Each person is a holistic being with a unique life experience.
  • All human life has dignity and worth.
  • In individualized Patient and Family-Centered Care.
  • Each patient/family/community is a unique network with its own attributes, cultural values, spiritual beliefs, strengths and stressors that contribute to overall health care outcomes.
  • The nurse applies the nursing process to maximize and maintain optimal wellness for patients/families/communities. (Neuman 1982)

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Commitment to Nursing Practice
We Believe:

  • The nurse is the primary partner in patient/family/community care through interdisciplinary collaboration, coordination and communication.
  • The nurse possesses unique knowledge that contributes to the achievement of high quality health care outcomes.
  • The nurse is an advocate for patient/family/community.
  • In providing high quality care through evidence-based practice.
  • Nurses are responsible for maintaining competence and striving for excellence in all facets of nursing practice.
  • Education and research are integral to patient-family care and to promote the advancement of nursing science

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Commitment to the Nursing Profession
We Believe:

  • Nursing is a dynamic process, an art and a science.
  • Nurses have the responsibility, authority and accountability to manage nursing practice in accordance with Standards of Practice and Professional Performance and Code Ethics for Nurses (ANA, 2004).
  • Nurses have the competence to achieve the goals of Patient-Family Centered Care through education, training and experience.
  • Nurses continuously seek to improve their practice through professional development, education, use of evidence-based practice and research.
  • Nurses contribute to the advancement of the profession through scholarly productivity and affiliations with schools of nursing and of other disciplines.
  • Nurses provide leadership in clinical and educational policy and guideline development, with the ultimate goal of enhancing health care outcomes in organizations and the community.

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