Referral Guidelines

Some of Children’s specialists created referral guidelines to assist referring physicians. For specific questions, physicians may call Children’s National's Physician to Physician Access Line at 202-476-4880 to speak to the attending on call.

Cardiology Referral Guidelines

The Division of Cardiology provides both inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and treatment services for a full range of pediatric cardiovascular disorders.

Emergency Medicine - Referral Guidelines

Community emergency and primary care providers can access Children’s emergency physicians and refer patients 24 hours a day through our Emergency Communication and Information Center (ECIC) by calling Children's Lifeline at 202-476-5433 or 800-476-5433.

Emergency Trauma and Burn Services

Emergency Trauma and Burn Services includes a 12 member acute response team that provides immediate intervention when an injured patient arrives by helicopter or ambulance.