Contact Information

Nurse Practitioners and Nurses

Leslie Dodge, NP
Nancy Elling, NP
Ronda Franke, NP
Ana Gelabert, NP
Sarah Kaminski, NP
Marian Kolodgie, NP
Patty Magee-Sutton, RN
Michiko Lendenmann, NP
Holly Phan-Tran, NP
Audrey Scully, RN
Peter Shibuya, NP
Margaret Sullivan, RN


Phone: 202-476-2120 

Fax: 202-476-5226 

Appointments: 202-476-3611 

E-Referrals Fax: 202-476-2315

Neuro Intensive Care Unit 

Administrative contact: Jessica Ceja

NeuroICU Follow-up Appointments: 202-476-3611

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