Center for Translational Science

Translational Research

Promoting innovation that improves child, family, and community health.

Vision Statement

To promote innovation that improves child, family, and community health.


Investigation that accelerates discovery across the continuum of the bench, the bedside, and the community.


To accomplish its mission, the Center emphasizes:

  • Studies on molecular pathogenesis
  • Development and validation of experimental therapeutics
  • Outcome-oriented patient research
  • Novel, innovative projects and product development
  • Collaboration within the research community and between researchers and the larger community
  • Service to communities of diverse populations 

The Center for Translational Science works to improve the prevention and treatment of childhood diseases through “translational research,” which moves scientific discoveries into preventative and therapeutic applications that address disease processes and disease-related issues in children and their families. The goal of this work is to assure the highest quality of care across the continuum from prevention through diagnosis and treatment to cure or end of life care.