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Partners in Care

We view pediatricians as partners and offer tools and training to make it easier on our community providers.

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Our team of specialists is committed to partnering with community pediatricians and healthcare providers. In this section, we have compiled tools and resources that you may find helpful for your practice.

In This Section:

Quick Reference Guide - Blue card now on mobile app

This user friendly mobile application provides a quick reference for the vitals, equipment, and dosage guidelines for an emergency pediatric patient. The popular Blue Card is now a mobile app!

Resources for Providers

Find referral guidelines for specific divisions at Children's National.

Physician Relations

Liaisons respond to concerns, actively seek feedback from staff, and work with practices in the community to ensure that referral processes are convenient and operating well.

Change of Address Form for Doctors

To ensure referring doctors receive feedback on their patients, including faxed discharge reports from the Emergency Department or other inpatient units, please fill out the form below to update your address.

Children's IQ Network

The Children’s IQ Network® is a health information exchange specifically designed for pediatrics.

Children's National Health Network (CNHN)

Children’s National Health Network is one of the country’s largest dedicated pediatric provider networks with 1,400 members.

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