Nursing Student Orientation

For Nursing School Faculty and Nursing Students

Advancing  Professional  Practice through Learning ExcellenceOn behalf of Nursing Education and Professional Development (NEPD) we want to welcome you to Children’s National Health System. We are here to support you in making your clinical rotation an excellent learning opportunity.
NEPD is the preeminent provider of pediatric healthcare education for nursing professionals and the healthcare workforce across the learning continuum. Through our APPLE Framework, we are:
Advancing  Professional  Practice through Learning  Excellence
We welcome nursing students throughout the traditional academic year.  Semesters run as follows:

  • Spring  (January – May)
  • Summer (May – August)
  • Fall (August – December)

Prior to beginning, ALL faculty and students must complete their orientation and be cleared by NEPD.  Minimally, this should be completed two weeks before starting your clinical learning experience.

Our orientation process is a self-study program which contains all the materials necessary to aid you in completing the orientation requirements.

Requirements will vary based on whether you are faculty, graduate/ post graduate student, undergraduate student, or an undergraduate practicum student.  To begin the orientation for Academic Partners, ALL (faculty, graduate/ post graduate student, undergraduate student, or an undergraduate practicum student) must:

Once you have completed the above, please print the following forms & submit as a part of your orientation packet:

  • Orientation Brochure/ Privacy and HIPPA Acknowledgement – (signature and date required)
  • Safety Quiz – (Must be completed).  Undergrad students should submit the quiz to their clinical instructor for grading; grad students should submit with their other required documents.  

For faculty and undergraduate practicum students: Once completed, please print completed forms and fax, email or hand-deliver all required documents to:
Shari L. Washington, MSN, RN-BC, CPN
Professional Development Specialist
Phone: (202) 476-3523
Fax: (202) 476-5935

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