Professional Growth and Development

At Children’s, the Department of Nursing supports the career aspirations of all of our nurses and encourages nurses to periodically assess career goals. Children’s believes that professional development is an important component of providing excellent patient care outcomes.

Nursing Conferences and Webinars

Nurses at Children’s can apply to attend local, regional and national professional conferences to enhance personal and professional development and to share information with their peers.


Several nursing fellowships are available to those seeking advanced clinical experiences tailored to specific interests and learning needs. We offer a Neonatal Critical Care Fellowship, Critical Care Nursing Fellowship, Perioperative Fellowship, and more. The length of the fellowships varies depending on the specialty.

Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing (or Faith-Community Nursing) is the specialized practice of professional nursing that is focused on the process of promoting holistic health and wellness and preventing or minimizing injury and illness in the faith community.

Nursing Simulation Learning Center

The Simulation Learning Center is an integral component of nursing education programs offered to Children’s National registered nurses.

Trauma Core Curriculum

The latest continuing education programs for experienced nurses and caregivers who wish to acquaint themselves with new trends and care modalities in pediatric trauma and burn.

Burn Module

The objective of the Burn Education module are to describe the assessment of a pediatric patient with burn injury, describe the main concepts in the pathophysiology of burns, identify the nursing interventions for the pediatric patient with burns and examine the impact of fluid resuscitation on the pediatric burn patient.

Patient Educational Websites

Health literacy is the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.

Fall 2015 Open House

This Open House is for experienced Pediatric and Adult Nurses and Case Managers who would like to explore opportunities at Children’s National. We will be offering tours and onsite interviews. If you’re ready to discover your future in the lives of our children, please attend. Please contact us for more information about any of our recruitment event place.

Nursing Residency Program

Nursing at Children's is integral to the mission of Care, Advocacy, Research, and Education. We know what it takes to truly connect with kids.

Continuing Nursing Education

We offer continuing education programs for nurses throughout the year. These on-site, off-site and online programs enhance professional development in nursing practice, education, administration, and research, all of which positively impact patient care outcomes and patient safety.