Our Environment, Mission, and Vision

At Children’s National Health System, Shared Nursing Leadership empowers and engages nurses to partner in decision-making, implementation, and evaluation of the art and science of patient care. The goal is to achieve excellence in professional practice and patient and family-centered care in support of the strategic goals of Children’s National.

The Shared Nursing Leadership model provides the structure for nurses to influence the processes and outcomes of the practice of nursing. The council structure within Shared

Nursing Leadership serves as a forum for nurses to have a voice in decisions that directly impact the care of patients and families at the unit, department, and system levels and to improve the care of patients and families through quality and performance improvement.

Shared Nursing Leadership enables nurses to create and integrate solutions into the care they deliver to patients and families. The council structure serves as a platform for shared decision-making, communication, and collaboration within nursing and throughout the organization. The vision of Shared Nursing Leadership is for unit-based decision- making to prevail and to ensure strong nursing representation within the organization.

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Nursing Mission Statement

The Children’s National Nursing mission is to provide nursing care that creates improved health for the children of the world and their families through the provision of excellent nursing care. We advance these efforts through CARE: Care, Advocacy, Research and Education in partnership with patients, families, colleagues, and the community at large.

Nursing Vision Statement

The Children’s National Nursing vision is to be the leading national and international pediatric hospital of choice and to provide innovative solutions to pediatric care and patient safety within a fiscally accountable environment. Children and their families participate in creating a healthy environment from birth to adulthood in a setting of collaborative patient and family-centered care. Children’s National Health System is considered the premiere destination for evidence-based pediatric nursing practice in an environment of shared nursing leadership and collaboration across the continuum.

Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model (PPM) was developed to provide a comprehensive and visionary approach to nursing practice at Children’s National. The model reflects the organizational commitment to patient and family centered care and demonstrates collegial partnerships as valued components of practice. As depicted in the graphic representation of the model, the core domain of practice is patient and family-centered care, supported by evidence based nursing, professional development, shared nursing leadership, and partners in care. The model is embedded within the larger health system environment and the nursing and organization’s strategic pillars.