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Student Innovators 2013 Summer Program

US University Students: June 10 to August 2, 2013
Non-US University Students & US High School Students: June 17 to August 9, 2013

The Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National Medical Center invites graduate, medical, undergraduate, and advanced high school students to apply for the 2013 Student Innovators Summer Program.

Student Innovators spend two months working on well-defined projects in a unique training program focused on biomedical innovation theory and practice. The program begins with introductory sessions addressing the theory of innovation and covering topics such as creativity, brainstorming, team-building, intellectual property, and product development. Student Innovators are required to produce a written report and a final presentation of their work at the end of the program.

Mentors come from both within the Institute and from faculty across Children’s National.  Projects are based on current research in bioengineering, surgical issues, medicine, biological sciences, and innovation management.  You may read about the summer 2012 projects here.

Selection will be based on a review of the application, which includes a resume, professional references, a personal statement and a short essay, and on an interview conducted in person, or by phone or videoconference. This appointment carries with it a small stipend. [Note that students who require a visa to participate in this program may not be eligible to receive a stipend.] Students are encouraged to seek academic credit for their work at their home institution, e.g., as an independent study or internship.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. FINAL DEADLINE FOR SUMMER 2013: January 31, 2013.

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Student Comments from the 2011 and 2012 Summer Programs
Even though I was not directly involved with laboratory research, the project I worked on benefited me in more ways than I can express. From learning how to put together a project, to working together with other interns and members of the institution, to just boosting my own confidence in my abilities to work on a unique project, I have walked away with more from my time at SZI than I had ever thought possible. Thank you! – Grace, MBA, Howard University PhD Student, Biochemistry (Summer 2012).

I was one of those people who thought that great ideas stemmed from one brilliant person, but being here made me realize that behind every great idea is the collaboration of many talented individuals. I think this is a key component of innovation. – Jennifer, University of Western Ontario Junior, Biology (Summer 2012). 

This was my first internship and I was extremely glad that I got one here. This program definitely gave me more than I would have gotten at an institution such as NIH, a popular choice for students at my school. In the program, I was able to learn about research from the very beginning to the very end. I didn't learn just about doing the lab work and writing the report, but also how to choose the best ideas, how to get a patent, sharing my work with other researchers and even how to get my final paper published. – Charmi, Montgomery Blair HS Senior (Summer 2012).

Shadowing physicians and observing surgeries, along with my research project, were definitely a very educational and incredible experience that made me more determined to pursue a medical degree after my graduation. – Noura, Khalifa University (UAE) Senior, Bioengineering (Summer 2012). 

This program impacted me greatly by giving me insight into what it takes to design and manufacture medical devices, which is also what I hope to do in the future. – Josh, University of Michigan Sophomore, Bioengineering (Summer 2011).

I loved the freedom with which we/I could roam the hospital and contact physicians.  It allowed me to push my project to new levels, and I learned how research at a large hospital stimulates success and fosters integration of knowledge from different disciplines. – Adam, Duke University Senior, Bioengineering (Summer 2011).

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Contact information and Related links
For more information or an application, please contact:

Martha M. Houle, PhD, Director of Education
Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation
Children’s National Medical Center
Washington, DC


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