Resident Wellness

Resident Life

Here at Children’s National, we recognize the demands of a residency work load. However, we believe residents have to take care of themselves in order to best care for patients.  As a result, we are committed to supporting resident wellness in all that we do.

Scheduling is a priority and we do our best to accommodate each individual resident’s requests.  

We guarantee four full days off at holidays (excluding any post-call day).  We also allow every resident to take off three personal days during each year of training.  We also encourage every resident to take advantage of the six free counseling sessions offered through the hospital insurance plan. 

In addition to these administrative efforts, Children’s National also offers the below activities to allow residents a chance to decompress.  

Here are a few of the activities we have each year:

Resident Wellness Week

The resident run Wellness Committee puts together multiple conferences and activities during a week in the fall to help support a healthy work-life balance.  Wellness-focused noon conferences, pet therapy, dance classes, and happy hours are just a few examples of activities that take place during Wellness Week.

Resident Appreciation Day

The administration has made a special day to honor the hard work of the residents by showering residents with treats and decorating our work spaces.

Faculty Resident Quiz Bowl

Jeopardy style trivia game is played between faculty and residents twice a year in place of our Professorial Rounds.  Banter between teams is highly encouraged and supplies much entertainment for all involved!

Holiday Party

Held in December, we all get together to celebrate the holidays. The night includes dinner, a secret Santa gift exchange, and tons of fun. Fellows and attendings help cover the floors so everyone gets to attend.

End-of-the-Year Party

Held in June, we rent out space at a bar in the city. Food is provided, and we celebrate finishing off our year in style. Fellows and attendings help cover the floors so all residents get to attend.

Beach Week

All interns get the last week of their academic year off. Funds from our resident union help the interns and their significant others rent a house at the beach where they get to relax, have fun, eat well, and celebrate finishing off intern year with a bang.

PL2 Day Off

All second-year residents have a day off in the second half of the year. Our resident union helps pay for an outing, which has included in recent years a trip to a baseball game and a barbeque at a park followed by a group dinner.

PL3 Day Off

All third-year residents also have a day off in the second half of the year. Our resident union helps to fund the day. Some examples include a trip to a local theme park, wine tasting, and chartering a dinner cruise on the Potomac.

Pediatric International Morale Promoting Organization (PIMPO)

Standing for the Pediatric International Morale Promoting Organization, this week-long group of festivities is run by residents and includes activities such as a costume contest, a bake-off, pimp my COW (computer on wheel) contest, and a friendly game of assassin.


At the end of the year, we have a resident-written, resident-run Roast. Anyone and everyone is fair game, and everyone has a lot of laughs.