Medical Education

What is the Medical Education Pathway?

The Medical Education Pathway serves to provide residents with educational theory, additional experience and feedback to hone clinical teaching skills, provide opportunities for early educational scholarship, and expose residents to educational administration.

What does the Medical Education Pathway have to offer?

Residents have noted that the mentorship of our Master Teachers and clinical educators has been critical in their development of their own teaching skills. Many have requested additional education beyond the basics of teaching in a clinical setting to help them prepare for careers in medical education.

Residents will select which of the following learning objectives they would like to address.  After completing associated modules, residents will be able to:

1. Describe principles of adult learners in relation to clinical medical education
2. Plan and lead learning events tailored to principles of adult learners in clinical settings
3. Utilize strategies to teach clinical reasoning related to the care of a specific patient
4. Apply a structured approach to orienting learners and teams. 
5. Apply a structured approach to feedback and learner assessment. 
6. Facilitate learning via medical simulation and standardized patient cases.
7. Apply the principles of group and team function when preparing and adapting activities for learners.

Residents interested in earning a certificate of distinction will also be able to select from the following objectives: 
8. Apply a structured approach to designing a new curriculum (may include medical simulation and standardized patients)
9. Create a plan of action for being a mentee
10. Prepare a workshop submission for a regional or national meeting
11. Create and maintain an educator portfolio
12. Apply skills learned to medical education committee. 


A mentor will be selected within the Medical Education Pathway with a Master Teacher or other educational leader with involvement in teaching and curriculum design.  Mentors will provide general career mentoring, facilitate feedback on teaching performance, provide guidance and feedback regarding educator portfolio, and help identify opportunities for involvement in curriculum design and/or educational scholarship.