TRACKS (PowerChart) Nursing

Recommended Audience: Inpatient RNs, LPNs, dietary staff, nursing students.

CHEX Assessment Name: TRACKS (PowerChart) Nursing

Module Overview:

  • Logging on and navigating PowerChart
  • Creating and customizing patient lists
  • Utilizing the PAL (Patient Access List) to efficiently manage your patients and tasks
  • Navigating the PowerChart organizer to access patient charts to view flow sheets, results, demographics, documents, historical records and other information
    Viewing and updating the MAR (Medication Administration Record)
  • Viewing and adding patient allergies, height and med calc weight and other Ad Hoc forms
  • Entering, modifying and viewing orders.
  • Completing the admission process
  • Completing ongoing assessment documentation in I-View including Intake and Output
  • Completing the patient discharge and transfer processes
  • Understanding what to do during a computer downtime
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