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Children's National Hospital Grand Rounds

Join the Children’s National Community at Hospital Grand Rounds! 

Wednesdays: September - June* 

Children’s National’s Sheikh Zayed Campus Auditorium (Washington, DC)

*Schedule Update! Grand Rounds will take place at 8am Sept-Nov '16 and Feb-June '17, but will be held at 12pm Dec '16- Jan '17

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Our 2016-2017 Grand Rounds season begins Wednesday, September 7, 2016. (There are no regularly-scheduled Grand Rounds during July or August, but there will be two "The Agitated Patient" sessions.) Check back later this summer for updates on the 2016-2017 schedule. 

Children’s National Hospital Grand Rounds are open to physicians, nurses, physician assistants, social workers, healthcare administrators, allied health professionals, researchers, and students in the Children’s National community and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. 

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Upcoming Sessions

Upcoming Sessions

Hospital Grand Rounds run from September-June each year. We will host two off-schedule sessions this July as part of the  "The Agitated Patient" series. 

The 2016-2017 Hospital Grand Rounds season will begin on Wednesday, September 7. 

July 2016

July 13 (8am) - The Agitated Patient -  Part III

  • Lee Beers, MD, Medical Director for Municipal and Regional Affairs, Child Health Advocacy Institute, Children's National

July 27 (8am) - The Agitated Patient - Part IV 

  • Dyann Holloway Daley, MD, Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Executive Director, The Centre for Prevention of Child Maltreatment, Cook Children's Medical Center 

Grand Rounds Committee

Grand Rounds Committee

Thank you to our Hospital Grand Rounds Committee members who have worked throughout the year to expand the Grand Rounds programing, sense of community, and educational quality.

2015-2016 Hospital Grand Rounds Committee Members

  • Alyssa Abo
  • Nicole Akar-Ghibril
  • Michael Byars
  • Dale Coddington
  • Lisa Guay-Woodford
  • Susan Keller
  • Kristina Larson
  • Kirtida Mistry
  • Folasade Ogunlesi
  • Mary Ottolini
  • Mary Patterson
  • Geovanny (Paco) Perez
  • Mikael Petrosyan
  • Rachel Sarnacki
  • Lamia Soghier
  • Lillian Su
  • Stephen Teach
  • Heather Walsh
Archived Lectures: 2016

Archived Lectures: 2016


June 29 – Innovation Day - Future of Surgery in 2020 - Intelligent, More Precise, and Less Invasive Intervention

In this Grand Rounds, the Sheikh Zayed Institute will present examples of three innovative technologies that are in preclinical and clinical spaces pushing these boundaries. June 29 Flyer

  • Peter Kim, MD, Pediatric Surgeon and Lead, Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, Children’s National
  • AeRang Kim, MD, PhD, Oncologist, Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, Children’s National
  • Brian Reilly, MD, Otolaryngologist, Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, Children’s National

June 23 - The Agitated Patient - Part II: Understanding and Managing the Aggressive Patient

This session will identify factors as to why patients act in an aggressive manner and present ways that this understanding can facilitate the management of an aggressive patient in a way that is tailored to address not only the overt behaviors, but also the underlying psychopathology. June 23 Flyer

  • Reginald E. Bannerman, RN, MSN, MBA, NE-BC, Director, Nursing & Service Psychiatry, Children’s National 
  • Paramjit Joshi, MD, Division Chief, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Children’s National

June 22 – Safety Lecture - Transforming Systems to Improve Child Health

Despite many advances, the United States continues to lag in major outcomes of Children’s Health. This presentation will describe proven approaches to transform health and healthcare. June 22 Flyer

  • Uma R. Kotagal, MBBS, MSc, Senior Executive Leader, Population and Community Health; Senior Fellow, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

June 8 - The Agitated Patient - Part I: The Young and the Restless: The Agitated and Intoxicated Teen 

This presentation will describe the changing landscape of illicit drug use in the DC-area, and identify plans for managing agitated and/or violent patients for the safety of the patient and the staff. June 8 Flyer (series)

  • Joanna S. Cohen, MD, Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Children's National; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine

June 8 – Rixse Lecture - Care of Transition-Aged Youth in Children’s Health Systems: The Elephant in the Room

This session will identify potential quality and safety related issues around caring for transition aged youth in pediatric settings and identify opportunities for our community and health system neighborhood to improve health outcomes for the transition-aged youth we care for. June 8 Flyer

  • Lisa K. Tuchman, MD, MPH, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, Children’s National, Center for Translational Science, Children's Research Institute

June 1 - Women at Children’s Hospital (WATCH) Lecture - Negotiations in Academic Medicine

This presentation will provide an overview of recent negotiation research as well as the role of negotiation in medicine. June 1 Flyer

  • Alexandra Mislin, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Kogod School of Business, American University


May 25 - Michael Lecture - Surgical Robots: What Might Happen in the Next 25 Years

This session will explore the rapidly developing world of medical robotics and how it will shape healthcare. May 25 Flyer

  • Guang-Zhong Yang, PhD, FREngDirector and Co-founder, Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London, UK; Founding Editor, Science Robotics

May 18 - Zients Community Mental Health Lecture - Childcare and Biological Sensitivity to Context

This session will discuss the process through which early adversity undermines early development and the role of biological sensitivity to context in these processes. May 18 Flyer

  • Deborah A. Phillips, PhDProfessor of Psychology and Associated Faculty, Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University

May 11 - Garbose Lecture- Pathophysiologic Based Transcatheter Management of the Post-operative Patient with Tetralogy of Fallot 

This session will focus on data on new innovative approaches using tissue engineered valves in the treatment of post-operative Tetralogy of Fallot patients. May 11 Flyer

  • William E. Hellenbrand, MDFormer Chief of Cardiology and Director of Cardiac Catheterization, Yale School of Medicine and Columbia University

May 4 - Arnold Einhorn Lecture - Leveraging 21st Century Science to Create a New Pediatric Framework for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

This session will explore how advances in neuroscience, molecular biology, and epigenetics can help launch a new era in early childhood policy and pediatric practice—one that is driven by science and fueled by a culture of innovation. May 4 Flyer

  • Jack P. Shonkoff, MD - Julius B. Richmond FAMRI Professor of Child Health and Development, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Graduate School of Education; Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital; Director, Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University 


    April 27 - Silber Lecture - Medical Complications of Eating Disorders: Improving Recognition, Management, and Communication

    This session will discuss the medical manifestations of pure restriction and purging, and therapeutic communication of medical findings in eating disorders. April 27 Flyer

    • Jennifer L. Gaudiani, MD, CEDS - Medical Director, ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health; Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado

    April 20 - Larrie Greenberg Lecture in Medical Education - EXCELeration - Getting Up to Speed Faster: The Development of Expertise and its Impact in Healthcare & Safety

    This session will discuss the nature of expertise in healthcare, the ways expertise develops, and how preoccupation with error can compromise expertise and reduce safety in the long run. April 20 Flyer

    • Gary Klein, PhD - Senior Scientist, Macrocognition LLC

    April 13 - Leikin Lecture - Shortages of Drugs, Surpluses of Ethical Challenges: An Allocation Framework for Childhood Cancer

    This session discusses drug shortages and a recently proposed ethical framework for allocating scarce life-saving chemotherapy. The framework provides explicit decision-making in the face of an actual drug shortage and is specifically designed to provide frontline clinicians assistance as they face medication rationing. April 13 Flyer

    • Yoram Unguru, MD, MS, MA - Attending Physician, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, The Herman & Walter Samuleson Children’s Hospital at Sinai Core Faculty, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics Assistant Professor, John Hopkins School of Medicine 

    April 6 - Schisgall Lecture - What's New in Motility Disorders? 

    Gastrointestinal motility disorders are highly prevalent and may involve any segment of the gut. This session discusses treatment of how motility disorders is best achieved within a multidisciplinary model, with gastroenterologists, nutritionists, psychologists, surgeons, and other health care personnel working together. April 6 Flyer

    • Carlo Di Lorenzo - Chief, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepetology and Nutrition, Nationwide Children's


    March 30 - Global Health in Jeopardy: An Interactive Introduction

    As part of Global Health Week, and as Children’s National launches its Global Health Initiative, join us to learn more about major issues in pediatric global health, presented in a Jeopardy game format. March 30 Flyer

    • Scott A. Norton, MD, MPH, MSc - Chief of Dermatology, Children's National; Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics, The George Washington School of Medicine

    March 23 - Cockerham Lecture—Celebrating a new Pediatric Success: Addressing Childhood Toxic Stress and Adversities

    This session discusses the relationship of brain health with overall health, when properly recognized and addressed during routine pediatric child care creates a new era for pediatrician generalists and specialists alike. March 23 Flyer

    • Robert W. Block, MD, FAAP - Emeritus Chair and Professor of Pediatrics, The University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine; Past President (2011-2012), The American Academy of Pediatrics 

    March 16 - Sydney Snyder Safety Lecture – National and Nationwide: Our Shared Vision

    This session will discuss methods to drive change in healthcare and why "zero" is the only goal. March 16 Flyer

    • Richard J. Brilli, MD - Chief Medical Officer, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Professor, Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, The Ohio State university College of Medicine 

    March 9: Special 1:30pm session! - Creating an Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare – Patient Experience Week 

    A continuation of Children National’s focus on empathy, as discussed during Dr. Kurt Newman and Amanda Leland’s “From Good to Great” Grand Rounds. March 9 Flyer

    • Thomas H. Lee, MD, MSc Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey Associates, Inc. 

    March 9 - How Genetics & Pathophysiology Can Help Determine Treatment Choices in Headache – 26th Annual Pediatric Neurology Update 

    Attendees will be able to better recognize and diagnose headaches, incorporate genetic and pathological findings into treatment plans, and design multi-level treatment approaches. March 9 Flyer

    • Andrew D. Hershey, MD, PhD, FAHS - Endowed Chair and Director of Neurology, Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology, Headache Center, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

    March 2 - Resilience & Precarious Success: How Human Adaptation Keeps Patients Safe

    In this session we will discuss the roles of Safety I and II in patient safety and the four primary activities of resilience engineering. March 2 Flyer

    • Mary D. Patterson, MD, MEd - Associate Vice Chair, Medical Education, Research in Simulation & Children’s Academy of Pediatric Educators (CAPE), Children’s National


    February 24 - Implicit Bias

    This educational session will present the research on implicit bias in healthcare, including its impact on disparities and diversity in academic pediatric medicine. Feb. 24 Flyer

    • Tiffany J. Johnson, MD, MSc - Center for Perinatal and Pediatric Health Disparities Research, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    February 17 - Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Tribute Anesthetic Risk and the Patient Experience: A Balancing Act

    In this talk, current topics regarding anesthetic risk will be discussed to guide practitioners on what to tell parents/guardians in preparing children for surgery and procedures. Feb. 17 Flyer

    • Eugenie Heitmiller, MD, FAAP - Chief, Division of Anesthesiology, Sedation and Perioperative Medicine, Children's National

    February 10 - Celebrating International Day of Pediatric Radiology: Past, Present, and Future

    In this presentation, we will review the history of radiology, discuss current imaging modalities, as well as issues related to radiation safety and outreach. Feb. 10 Flyer

    • Dorothy Bulas, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU - Vice Chief of Academic Affairs, Fellowship Program Director, Division of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology, Children's National
    • Raymond Sze, MD - Chief, Division of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology, Children's National

    February 8 Zika at Our Doorstep: Key Information for Clinicians, Travelers, and Pregnant Women 

    We will discuss the Zika virus and the importance for clinicians, travelers, and women of children-bearing age. Feb. 8 Flyer

    • Roberta L. DeBiasi, MD, MS Chief, Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Children's National Medical Center; Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology, Immunology and Tropical Medicine, The George Washington School of Medicine

    February 3 - Boots on the Ground: CDC EIS Officers in the Ebola Response 

    We will focus on the Epidemic Intelligence Services (EIS) officers who were deployed in response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak and their experiences. Feb. 3 Flyer

    • Grace D. Appiah, MD, MS LCDR, US Public Health Service Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer CDC/ NCIRD / Influenza Division 


    January 27 -The Stars Are Aligned: Pediatrics and Public Health in a Changing Healthcare System 

    Using multiple examples and interactive dialogue, this lecture will explore what these changes mean for collaboration between clinical medicine and public health for the health of children. Jan. 27 Flyer

    • Joshua M. Sharfstein, MD - Former Secretary of Health for the State of Maryland Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Training, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

    January 20 - Animal Models of Brain Development and Autism 

    Work presented here will highlight specific strategies employed by the Laboratory for Developmental Neuroscienceat Children’s National to understand the development of key brain regions implicated in autism. Jan. 20 Flyer

    • Joshua Corbin, PhD Associate Professor, Center for Neuroscience Research, Children’s National 

    January 13 - Multivariate Matching to Assess Hospital Cost, Quality, and Value

    Hospitals and individual providers are constantly being evaluated on quality, cost and now value. This presentation introduces an alternative method to perform benchmarking evaluations using multivariate matching. Jan. 13 Flyer

    • Jeffery Silber, MD, PhD - Director, Center for Outcomes Research, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Professor of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology & Critical Care, The Perelman School of Medicine; Professor of Health Care Management, The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania 
    January 6 - 

    Quality and Safety at CNHS: 

    Where We Are & Where We Are Going 

    Jan. 6 Flyer
    • Rahul Shah, MD - Vice President and Chief Quality and Safety Officer, Children’s National

    Archived Lectures: 2015

    Archived Lectures: 2015


    December 16 – From Good to Great: Embracing the Parent's Perspective - Annual Update and Conversation with CEO Kurt Newman

    A discussion around the more responsive, family-centered Children's National Health System of tomorrow. Led by Dr. Newman with insight from patient parent Ms. Leland. Dec. 16 Flyer

    • Kurt Newman, MD – President and Chief Executive Officer, Children’s National
    • Amanda Leland, MD - Parent of Children's National Patient; Senior Vice President for OceansEnvironmental Defense Fund

    December 9 – Taubin Lecture – Telemedicine in the ICU – Virtually There

    Cases and examples of how telemedicine has allowed greater access to high quality care as one of the most exciting intersections between technology and medicine. Dec. 9 Flyer /About the Taubin Memorial Lecture

    • James P. Marcin, MD, MPH – Professor, Pediatric Critical Care, UC Davis Children’s Hospital

    December 2 – Population Health and Transition to Value

    An explanation as to how children's hospitals can improve outcomes for children while managing the transition from fee-for-service models to value-based payment models. Dec. 2 Flyer 

    • Veronica Gunn, MD, MPH, FAAP – Vice President, Population Health Management and Payment Innovation, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

    December 1 – World AIDS Day: Pre and Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

    An update and discussion about Pre/Post Exposure Prophylaxsis and clearing up misconceptions about transmission. Dec. 1 Flyer / Dec. 1 Presentation Slides. 

    • Natella Rakhmanina, MD, PhD, FAAP, AAHIVS – Professor of Pediatrics, The George Washington University; Director, Special Immunology Program, Children’s National


    November 25 - Palliative Care Month Mini-Series Part II: Courageous Conversations: Increasing Comfort with Discussing Advanced Care Planning with Patients and their Families

    Strategies and tools to help de-mystify death and begin courageous conversations about end-of-live care. Nov. 25 Flyer

    • Tessie October, MD, MPH - Critical Care Medicine, Children’s National

    Resources: District of Columbia Advance Directive, Maryland Advance Directive, Virginia Advance Directive

    November 18 - Palliative Care Month Mini-Series Part I: Pediatric End of Life Care, Policy and Research

    A discussion about the role of researchers and medical professionals in countering myths and providing the best possible palliative care. Nov. 18 Flyer

    • Pamela Hinds, RN, PhD, FAANAssociate Center Director, Center for Translational Science; The Williams and Joanne Conway Chair in Nursing Research; Director, Nursing Research and Quality Outcomes,  Children’s National

    November 11 - No Grand Rounds (Veterans Day) 

    November 4 - Randolph Lecture – Contemporary Management of Complex Vascular Anomalies

    The important patterns, classification systems, and interdisciplinary management programs that scientists and clinicians need to understand. Nov. 4 Flyer

    • Richard G. Azizkhan, MD, Phd (Hon) - President and CEO, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha, NE 


    October 28 - The Pediatrician’s Role in Helping Mothers Achieve Their Breastfeeding Goals - Sponsored by the AAP Section on Breastfeeding Lectureship Grant 

    The essential knowledge and skills that pediatricians need to help ensure that mothers who wish to breastfeed receive the care and support they need.  Oct. 28 Flyer 

    • Ann Kellams, MD, FAAP, IBCLC, FABM - Director, Well Newborn and Breastfeeding Medicine Services; Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Virginia 

    October 21 - Lewander Lecture - The Evaluation of Febrile Infants and Young Children in the ED: 2015 and Beyond - Hosted by the Children's National Residency Program

    A discussion on evaluating febrile children with/without serious bacterial infections, as impacted by changing epidemiology, vaccines, and diagnostic technology. Oct. 21 Flyer

    • Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH - Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics; Bo Tomas Brofeldt Endowed Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of California, Davis School of Medicine

    October 14 - Surviving Medical Payment Reform with Value: The Spinal Fusion Surgical Home

    Learn about the creation of Children's National's innovative Spinal Fusion Surgical Home, one of the first pediatric perioperative surgical homes. Oct. 14 Flyer

    • Karen Thomson, MD Medical Director, Perioperative Care Clinic (POCC); Department of Anesthesiology, Children’s National 
    • Matt Oetgen, MD -Division Chief, Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Children’s National 

    October 7 - Holbrook Lecture - Risky Business - Learning from Others: A Capital Idea (Please note, only a portion of the presentation is available in the recording.)

    A panel of experts from the medical, military and aerospace, and music industries discuss leadership, teamwork, and resiliency. Oct. 7 Flyer  

    • Kevin J. Fong, MSC, MRCP, FRCA Consultant in Anesthesia, University College London Hospitals; Clinical Lead, Space Medicine, Centre for Aviation Space and Extreme Environment Medicine
    • Allan Goldman, MD Divisional Director, Critical Care Services, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children 
    • Rear Admiral Jeffrey Harbeson - Deputy Director, Politico-Military Affairs for Europe, NATO, and Russia, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate, Joint Staff, United States Navy 
    • Peter Laussen, MB. BS., FCICM Chief, Critical Care Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children 
    • Hilary Davan Wetton - Musical Director, City of London Choir, Hastings Philharmonic Choir, and Surrey Festival Choir; Conductor Emeritus, Milton Keynes City Orchestra and Guilford Choral Society 


    September 30 - The Long Road to Health Equity in America 
    • The Honorable Louis W. Sullivan, MD - U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, 1989-1993; President Emeritus, Morehouse School of Medicine
    September 23 - Saving Face on Facebook: Social Network Etiquette and Legal Risk 
    • Rebecca F. Cady, Esquire - Executive Director of Risk Management; Deputy Risk Counsel, Children’s National

    September 21 - My Kid's in Pain! Now What? Pediatric Pain Management and Opioids

    A guide for pediatricians about opioid and non-opioid analgesics. Sept. 21 Flyer

    • Celeste Martin, MD - Division of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Children's National
    • Sarah Reece-Stremtan, MD - Division of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Children's National 

    September 16 - Bernstein Professorship - Improving Community Health: Going Upstream

    A discussion about the role that broader community partnerships can play in improving health outcomes for children in our community. Sept. 16 Flyer

    • Mark Weissman, MD - Vice President, Goldberg Center for Community Pediatric Health; Division Chief, General Pediatrics and Community Health, Children’s National
    September 9  - Clark Professorship - Innovations in Drug Development: How Children's National is Taking a Leadership Role in Faster, Better, and Cheaper Drugs
    • Eric Hoffman, PhD - Director, Research Center for Genetic Medicine, Children’s National; Professor and Chairman, Department of Integrative Systems Biology, George Washington University; Co-Founder, ReveraGen Biopharma 

    September 2 - Katrina, a Decade Later: Pediatric Disaster Readiness 

    • Steven Krug, MD - Professor of Pediatrics, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; Head, Division of Emergency Medicine, Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital 


    • June 3 - Rixse Lecture - Resilience and Protective Factors in the Lives of Adolescents: Science and Strategies - Michael D. Resnick, Ph.D., FSAHM - University of Minnesota
    • June 10 - Research Updates from the Sheik Zayed Surgical Innovations Team - Panel of Speakers representing : Velano Vascular, REBIScan, Stethaid, Otomagnetics, Vittamed, mGene, CareALine, and Primo-Lacto
    • June 24 - WATCH Lecture: Diversity and Mentorship - Hannah Valantine, M.D.Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity National Institutes of Health (NIH)


    • May 27 - Michael Lecture, Andrew Serazin, PhD
    • May 20 - Education Lecture - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Opportunities & Challenges - Paramjit T. Joshi, MD, Children's National Health System
    • May 13 - Plastic Surgery Lecture - Evolution of Spring Assisted Surgery and Its Implementation of Craniosynostosis - Lisa R. David, MD, FACs - Wake Forest University
    • May 6 - Einhorn Lecture - Pediatric AIDS: Bending the Arc Towards Elimination - Stephen Arpadi, MD, MSc - Columbia University Medical Center


    • April 29 - BOV Simulation, Mary Waller, PhD, York University in Toronto
    • April 22 (12 pm) -Leikin Lecture - Revisiting Assent in Pediatric Research and Clinical Care - Doug Diekema, MD, MPH, Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics
    • April 22 - Greenburg Lecture, Education Day - Making It Count: Turning Your Education Work into Scholarship - Ruth-Marie (Rhee) Fincher, MD, Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University
    • April 15 - Garbose Lecture, Cardiac Innovations - Pediatric Innovation and Medical Intelligence - Anthony C. Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, Children's Hospital of Orange County
    • April 8 - Schisgall Lecture, David J. Hackam, MD, PhD, FACS Johns Hopkins Hospital
    • April 1 - Cockerham Lecture, Doctor’s Day March 30th, “Children’s National Health System 2015,” Denice Cora-Bramble, MD, MBA


    • March 25 - Van Metre Professorship - Innovations in Pediatric Pacemakers and Defibrillators - Charles Berul, MD, Chief, Division of Cardiology, Children's National Health System
    • March 18 - Family Centered Rounds - Leveraging Educational Innovations in our Evolving Healthcare Environment, Mary Ottolini, MD, MPH, Vice Chair of Education, Children's National Health System; Mark Weissman, MD, Division Chief, General and Community Pediatrics at Children's National; pediatric hospitalist Neha Shah, MD, critical care specialist Lillian Su, MD, and Kurt Newman, MD, CEO of Children's National Health System
    • March 11 - Story Landis, PhD, Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of Health
    • March 4 - Safety, Rahul Shah, MD, Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Center for Surgical Care 


    • February 25 - Sickle Cell Research, Susan Perrine-Faller, MD, Howard University School of Medicine
    • February 18 - Randolph Lecture (Pediatric Surgery), Mark Hoffman, MD 
    • February 11 - Adolescent Transitioning, Patience White, MD
    • February 4 - Personal Glimpses into the Evolution of Truncus Arteriosus Repair, Gus Mavroudis, MD


    • January 28 - Children's National Telemedicine Update, Craig Sable, MD
    • January 21 - Sydney Snyder Safety Lecture, Gerald Hickson, MD
    • January 14 - "Detection, Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Pediatric Primary Care,” Silber Lecture, Angela Guarda, M
    Archived Lectures: 2014

    Archived Lectures: 2014


    • Dec. 17 - Annual Update and Conversation with CEO Kurt Newman, Kurt Newman, MD
    • Dec. 10 - "Intensive Caring: Blending Science, Service and Value," Gregory Mark Taubin Memorial Lecture, Robin Steinhorn, MD, University of California Davis Medical Center
    • Dec. 3 - World AIDS Day (Dec. 1), Donna Futterman, MD, Director, Adolescent AIDS Program, Children's Hospital at Montefiore


    • Nov. 19 - Serious Safety Case Review (#1), Rahul Shah, MD, Vice President, Chief Quality and Safety Officer at Children’s National and Associate Surgeon-in-Chief, Joseph E. Robert Jr., Center for Surgical Care, President of the Medical Staff, and Medical Director of Peri-operative Services; Charlie Berul, MD, Chief of Cardiology at Children’s National and Co-Director of the Children’s National Heart Institute; and Lillian Su, MD, a pediatric critical care intensivist at Children's National
    • Nov. 12 - Foglia-Hills Professorship, Nobuyuki Ishibashi, MD, Director, Cardiac Surgery Research Laboratory at Children's Research Institute
    • Nov. 5 - Palliative Care Speaker, Sarah Freibert, MD, Director, Haslinger Family Pediatric Palliative Care Center at Akron Children's Hospital 


    • Oct. 29 - 8 am - 9 am, Auditorium, Hospital Grand Rounds, "Sickle Cell Anemia: Past, Present, and Future," Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director, NIDDK
    • Oct. 22 - "Communicating Diagnostic Reasoning During Case Presentations: A Prescription for Decreasing Errors?", Mary Ottolini, MD, MPH, Cristina Tuluca, MD, and Nicole Akar-Ghibril, MD
    • Oct. 17 - Enterovirus Preparedness, Infectious Disease team
    • Oct. 15 - Ebola Preparedness, Infectious Disease team
    • Oct. 8 - "Fostering Academic Success at Children’s National," Stephen Teach, MD
    • Oct. 1 - Lewander Lecture: "Growing Up Fast: The Promises and Pitfalls of Suddenly Paying for Health Care Value Instead of Volume," Dr. Darshak Sanghavi, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation


    • Sept. 24 - March of Dimes:  Boldness and Advocacy in Action, Edward R. B. McCabe, MD, PhD | Video 
    • Sept. 17 - Holbrook Lecture:  "Pediatric health care in the era of 'Reform'.  What are our options?" James Mandell, MD | Video
    • Sept. 10 - Youth and Sports Safety, David Satcher, MD, PhD | Video


    • June 25 - Michael Lecture: From Venture Capital to Venture Commons | Video
    • June 18 - Research Update:  Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovations | Video
    • June 11 - Lyme Disease | Video
    • June 4 - Life Course and Child Health Disparities | Video 


    • May 28 - Rixse Lecture - PID in Adolescents: Using Research to Reduce Health Disparities | Video
    • May 21 - WATCH Lecture - Advancing diversity in academic medicine: The role of mentors, sponsors and coaches | Video
    • May 14 - Garbose Lecture - Are ECG Screening Programs for Athletes a Good Idea? | Video
    • May 8 - Pediatric Surgical Innovations Grand Rounds - Creating a State-of-the-Art MIS Facility for Neonates and Infants: Developing the Right Techniques, Finding the Right Tools, and Using it to Help Train the World | Video
    • May 7 - Pediatric Urgent Care - Expanding the Boundaries of the Emergency Department | Video


    • April 30 - Silber Lecture - The Changing Face of Eating Disorders in 2014: What Pediatricians Need to Know | Video
    • April 23 - Leonard Rome Visiting Professorship - America’s New Children: The Health and Well-being of Children in Immigrant Families | Video
    • April 9 - Research Week Keynote - Genetics | Video
    • April 8 - Greenberg Lecture | Video
    • April 2 - Cockerham Lecture | Video


    • March 26 - Einhorn Lecture
    • March 24 - Airway Pressure Release Ventilation 
    • March 19 - Safety Session
    • March 12 - Cell Therapies for Infection, Inflammation, and Cancer - Broadening Accountability 
    • March 7 - Angeline Parks Ophthalmology Grand Rounds  | Video 
    • March 5  - Snyder Safety Lecture - Failure to Rescue: A New Quality Metric in Pediatric Heart Surgery | Video 


    • February 26 - Schisgall Lecture | Video
    • February 19 - Doctor Coach: Optimizing Performance in Medical Education
    • February 12 - Making Lemonade: A Model for a Virtual Learning Community for Practice Improvement and MOC Credit (The Children’s National Health Network Experience)
    • February 5 - Toll Lecture - Understanding the Reasons for Racial/Ethnic Differences in Survival Among Children with Acute Leukemia | Video


    • January 29 - Leiken Lecture - Pediatric Ethics - Lessons from SUPPORT: Ethical Implications of Research on Medical Practices | Video
    • January 22  - LEAN - Continuous Improvement: Where we are and where we're going | Video
    • January 15  - Bridging Stem Cell Technology with Tissue Vasculatization in Regenerative Medicine | Video 
    • January 8 - Gilbert Professorship - Neurofibromatosis | Video 
    Archived Lectures: 2013

    Archived Lectures: 2013

    • December 18 - Improving Early Detection of the Deteriorating Patient Through the Last Rescue Collaborative | Watch the video
    • December 11 - Randolph Lecture | Watch the video 
    • December 4 - Taubin Lecture - Fumbles and Interceptions: Critical Thinking and Teamwork in the ICU
    • November 27 - Evaluating Effectiveness of HIV Care in Light of the Affordable Care Act
    • November 20 - 5 Ways to Improve Small-Group Teaching | Download the PDF | Watch the video
    • November 13 - Health Information Technology in Pediatric Care Delivery, Research, and Population Health | Watch the video 
    • November 6 - The Placenta | Watch the video
    • October 30 - Abu Dhabi's Strategic Vision in GME Including Recent Achievements and Future Initiatives
    • October 23 - We Stand for Children
    • October 16 - Clinical Documentation Improvement
    • October 9 - Pediatric Heart Transplantation: A Review and an Update | Download the PDF | Watch the video
    • October 2 - Embedding Pediatric Simulation into the Institutional Fabric: "Next Generation" Paradigms of Healthcare Education, Preparedness, Research, and Safety | Watch the video
    • September 25: Treating Chronic Pain in Patients is Difficult, How Can You Manage These Patients Within Your Specialty or Practice? | Download the PDF
    • September 18 - Introduction to Milestones: Building a Better Doctor | Download the PDF | Watch the video
    • September 11 - Complexity and Critical Care | Download the PDF
    • April 24 - Einhorn Lecture | Watch the video
    Archived Lectures: 2012

    Archived Lectures: 2012

    • October 17 - How FDA Regulates MRI Systems | Download the PDF
    • October 10 - Can CME save lives? Aligning and Education for Quality | Download the PDF
    • October 3 - Brainy Camps: Expanding Medical Care Beyond the Walls of Children's National | Download the PDF
    • September 26 - Blast Injuries: Terrorism Implications for Children during Peacetime/Wartime/Global Conflicts | Download the PDF
    • September 18 - Feet on the Ground - Eye on the Prize. Update of Health Information Technology Programs and Healthcare Reform
    • September 12  Children's National - Believe. Dream. Transform. Changing the Future of Pediatric Medicine